Aftermeal Desserts: The Must-Visit Dessert Cafe In PJ & KL?

There’s always space for desserts no matter how full your belly is. Cold and refreshing desserts are probably the perfect after meals choice, especially on hot days like every day in Malaysia. That’s why Aftermeal Desserts in KL and PJ is a must-visit cafe for a nice bowl of cool dessert or a cup of heat-relieving drink!


Aftermeal Desserts Serves Delicious Kakigori That Will Bring You To Cloud 9!

Not an unfamiliar name in town, Aftermeal Desserts has been poppin’ in KL for a while now since 2019 and it serves one of the best Japanese shaved ice desserts (Kakigori) in town! Their soft and fluffy Kakigori ice will melt in your mouth immediately and give you a cold boost in this hot weather. Here’s what you can order at the cafe:

aftermeal desserts

Iron Lady Milk Tea Kakigori

Let’s start off with the Iron Lady Milk Tea Kakigori, Aftermeal’s signature. A premium blend of Iron Lady Milk Tea and milk, this is the perfect flavour for shaved ice. If you don’t already know, Iron Lady is the direct translation of its mandarin name Tieguanyin, a type of Oolong Tea.

There are almond cracks and red beans on top and as you scoop the ice, you will uncover the herbal grass jelly at the bottom. Additional bowls of Sweet Potato Balls, Taro Balls and Brown Sugar Jelly Pearls coated with Brown Sugar Sauce are also served together for you to mix in the ice or eat separately. The Brown Sugar Sauce has a nice aroma that enhances the taste of the dessert!

aftermeal desserts

Royal Calamansi Yokan Kakigori

The next Kakigori that you should try is the Royal Calamansi Yokan Kakigori which has several layers. The layers are made of Honey Sea Coconut, Passionfruit Popping Pearls, White Jelly Pearls, Calamansi Shaved Ice, Calamansi Yokan Jelly and Longan. This bright yellow shaved ice dessert will brighten up your mood with its cold and refreshing taste!


Royal Matcha Kakigori

Matcha lovers will love the Royal Matcha Kakigori at Aftermeal Desserts. Coated with a generous amount of Matcha Powder and some red beans and marshmallows on top, this bowl of milk-based shaved ice comes with Brown Sugar Jelly Pearls and Matcha Ice Cream underneath it. As extra toppings, bowls of Sweet Potato Balls, Taro Balls and Brown Sugar Jelly Pearls will be served too.

Drinks That Beat The Heat


calamansi wintermelon

Calamansi Wintermelon

If you are looking for the most refreshingly satisfying drink, the Calamansi Wintermelon is what you should order! The sourness of the Calamansi hits you in the beginning but the winter melon will wrap it up with subtle sweetness that’s just nice to quench your thirst. The best part is the chewy White Jelly Pearls in it that goes so well with the drink.

aftermeal desserts


Super Iron Lady Milk Tea

Another popular drink option is the Super Iron Lady Milk Tea which also uses the aromatic Oolong Tea as the main ingredient. The Iron Lady Tea seems to have its magic as the taste is so addictive, making it not just another cup of milk tea!

Cheesecakes To Complete The Desserts Exploration

aftermeal desserts

Everybody loves cheesecakes and Aftermeal Desserts offers yummy burnt cheesecakes that come in 3 flavours!

Iron Lady burnt cheesecake

Iron Lady Burnt Cheesecake

Also another fusion of Iron Lady Tea, this burnt cheesecake is infused with the special tea that blends very well with the taste of cheese. It’s creamy and tastes extra rich in flavour.

cheese cake

Classic Burnt Cheesecake

The classics can never go wrong. This Classic Burnt Cheesecake comes with a sour twist that would soothe the creaminess. As the bestseller cake of the cafe, it’s delicious and refreshing!

matcha cheesecake

Matcha Burnt Cheesecake

Made with Japanese Matcha, this Matcha Burnt Cheesecake is worth the try if you love the subtle bitterness of matcha! This fusion tastes matcha-ish yet it is still a sweet treat that would satisfy your taste buds.

A Great Place For Hangouts

Other than the sweet treats at the cafe, what’s great about the cafe is also the minimal design interior. Stepping into the cafe, you will feel comfortable dining in because of the neat and clean environment. With natural sunlight shining through the glass window, the ambience is all bright and perfect for hangouts with family and friends.

Definitely A Must-Visit Dessert Cafe In PJ & KL!

It’s time to unwind a little and head to Aftermeal Desserts for your dose of happiness! Don’t forget to bring your friends along as the portion is quite big and best to share, enjoy~

Aftermeal Desserts @ SS2

Address: 33, Jalan SS 2/64, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 2pm – 11pm


Aftermeal Desserts @ Damansara Utama

Address: 52, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 2pm – 11pm

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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