Take A Look At All These Amazing Rewards You Can Get When Dining At 3 Damansara

With parking rebate, lucky draw and more!

3 Damansara is a preferred lifestyle destination offering a variety of eateries, be it Malaysian, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, or Western cuisines, you can find it all here at 3 Damansara to appease that palate of yours.

Discover Exciting Rewards At 3 Damansara!

3 Damansara 3 rewards

For those who enjoy dining at the 3 Damansara, here’s a piece of good news for you! Now, with the F&B Top Eats Promotion, CapitaStar Members can enjoy amazing rewards and even get the chance to win Samsung Galaxy A71 through the CapitaStar Lucky Draw. The promotion commences now until 30th April 2021. Let’s go STAR$ hunting!

How Does It Work?

  1. Download CapitaStar mobile app (if you are not yet a member).
  2. Spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt at any F&B outlets at #3Damansara.
  3. Log into your CapitaStar app and scan your receipt to earn points.

And that’s pretty much it! You will be qualified automatically and get the chance to win amazing prizes.

1. Double Rewards

3 damansara 3 rewards
Photo: @3damansara (Facebook)

Spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt in any F&B outlets at #3Damansara to earn x2 STAR$. Scan your receipt(s) within 24 hours upon your purchase.

2. Parking Rebate

3 damansara 3 rewards
Photo: @KLFoodie

Spend a minimum of RM30 in a single receipt at any F&B outlets to receive a RM1 parking rebate via CapitaStar app. All you need to do is to scan your receipt in the app and wait for the app to confirm your purchase. When the QR code appears, scan it to the autopay parking ticket machine and claim your RM1 parking rebate!

3 damansara 3 rewards
Photo: @3damansara (Facebook)
3 damansara 3 rewards
Photo: @KLFoodie
3 damansara 3 rewards
Photo: @KLFoodie

3. Lucky Draw

3 damansara 3 rewards
Photo: @3damansara (Facebook)
To top it all off, stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy A71 (Grand Prize), Samsung Power Bank (Second Prize), and Samsung UV Sterilizer Wireless Charger (Third Prize), when you spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt at any F&B outlets at 3 Damansara. Just scan your receipt via the CapitaStar app and you’ll automatically enter the lucky draw.
Here’s The List Of Participating F&B Outlets For The Rewards Program

Of course, you only get to enjoy the rewards when spending at F&B outlets. There is a wide variety of international cuisines available. So you won’t find yourself running out of options. Here are some of the recommended outlets that you can visit while going STAR$ hunting.

Promotion Ends On 30th April 2021

That’s right, so we don’t really have that much time left friends! So make sure to check them out soon to enjoy these amazing promotions. Also, remember to download CapitaStar mobile app now to enjoy the above privileges! Happy hunting friends!

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