An Energetic Collaboration: Park Seo-Jun Joins MILO® Team!

MILO® has unveiled its range of MILO® variants in an all-new look featuring the energetic icon who is no stranger to Malaysia’s beloved brand, Park Seo-Jun. Beginning August, both MILO® and Park Seo-Jun embarked on a collaboration to energise Malaysians with the various nourishing MILO® offerings that come in convenient, easy-to-carry stick packs to fuel any lifestyle – anytime, anywhere. 


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Park Seo-Jun joins millions of Malaysians who have been nourished by the goodness of MILO® made from malt barley, milk and cocoa with key vitamins and minerals to unlock energy to go further. A quintessential beverage in Malaysia beloved for its iconic choco-malty taste, MILO® also has a wide range of nutritious products that is suitable for adults on the go seeking convenience and variety. Each of these MILO® variants – MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal, MILO® 3-in-1, MILO® Original and MILO® Less Sugar – comes with its own unique benefits that meet the evolving needs, tastes and lifestyles of its consumers, Park Seo-Jun included.

  • MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal: Malaysia’s all-time favourite MILO® with whole grain cereal bits. Nutritiously high in fibre, it is the breakfast companion drink that is light yet filling, perfect for those with busy lifestyles.  
  • MILO® 3-in-1: This is the choice for those who need extra energy to do more in the day with MILO® that tastes more chocolatey, more malty and milkier.
  • MILO® Original: The same MILO® powder from the tin that you love in convenient stick packs, it is perfect for those on the move who want to stay energised with MILO® as it is.
  • MILO® Less Sugar: At 25% less sugar, it is the MILO® with the sweetness level just to your liking, suitable for those who are seeking less sugar options. It is also high in calcium and a source of protein.

Activities are being lined up to excite both MILO® and Pak Seo-Jun’s fans throughout this campaign. For exclusive content on the energetic MILO® x Park Seo Jun collaboration and more information about the nourishing goodness of the MILO® variants range, register at:  

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