6 Must-Visit Bakeries In The Klang Valley To Get Your Christmas Treats For Gatherings This Holiday Season

Tis' The Season To Devour More Pastries & Cakes!

Christmas is right around the corner, and the festivities are in full-blown glory. With gatherings and parties heading our way, there’s really not enough time to cook from scratch. So, why not just get some tidbits from bakeries? We’ve compiled a list of the must-visit bakeries in the Klang Valley this Christmas season for that last minute shopping idea. With selections of sweet or savoury (or even both), you’re spoilt for choices!


6 Bakeries In Klang Valley With Delicious Pastries & Cakes To Bring Over For Christmas Gatherings:

#1 Secret Recipe

Photo: @arenalieya (Instagram)
Photo: @secretrecipemy (Instagram)

To start things off, Secret Recipe is truly a cake heaven and go-to-spot for cakes of all occasions. These cakes are truly everyone’s (not so) secret guilty pleasure. You don’t need a birthday to have cake, you just need an appetite and a sweet tooth. Go for their classic Premium Black Forest Cake or Chocolate Chip Walnut Cake – just nice for the Christmas mood.

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

#2 King’s Confectionery

Photo: @kings.malaysia (Facebook)
Photo: @kingsconfectioneryofficial (Instagram)

You hear the word “King’s” and you’ll immediately think about their wide array of tarts for you to choose from. Who could ever resist their baked till golden brown Portuguese Egg Tart? Or even their super creamy and sinful Blueberry Cheese Tart. The best thing is – they’re super affordable so you can get a whole load without breaking the bank.

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

#3 RT Pastry

Photo: @thedailymacjournal (Instagram)
Photo: @rtpastry (Instagram)

Up next, this Japanese and Taiwanese fusion bakery has been making bread-lovers’ hearts flutter since the early 2000s. Their signature pastries such as Danish Red Bean Roll and Japanese Light Cheese ooze utter deliciousness through their soft cream and cheese that will literally melt in your mouth. Besides that, get their Cheese Sticks that fulfils everyone’s craving for a light sugary snack.

Link(s): Website | FacebookInstagram

#4 Hogan Bakery

Photo: @mrizhoh (Instagram)
Photo: @tyaedros (Instagram)

Hailing all the way from Taiwan, Hogan Bakery is known for their wide array of delectable pastries that ranges from sweet to savoury. Opt for their classic Butter Croissant if you’re heading for a Christmas tea party or their Marble Chocolate & Almond Stick for a lil’ sweet treat for dinner parties. They have several outlets spread out in Kuala Lumpur too!


Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

#5 Tong Kee Bakery

Photo: @sophial208 (Instagram)
Photo: @lamkuanmoi (Instagram)

This next bakery has been baking up a storm in the Klang Valley area for close to 50 years! Most people usually go to TK Bakery for their deliciously flaky egg tarts but their selection of rolls and cakes are also hot-sellers. Their Black Forest CakeDouble Chocolate and Green Tea Cake is perfect for this festive season!

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram


#6 The Rotiman Bakery

Photo: @myrotiman (Facebook)
Photo: @myrotiman (Instagram)

Last but certainly not least, this bakery is easily distinguished by its delicious scent of freshly baked goods on display. The Rotiman Bakery has been the go-to confectionary for both French and Japanese pastries. Bring their best-seller Hanjyuku Cheese Tart to any gathering and your family & friends will be real impressed. Fresh out of the oven, their exquisite cheese tarts has cheese oozing out as you bite into it! Other favourites are their Gula Melaka Coconut, Danish Syokupan and Mushroom Chicken.

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Don’t Just Walk Home With Cakes & Pastries!

Anchor Dairy – the brand of butter, cream, cream cheese and other dairy products that we’ve all come to love has turned 133 years old! And they’re celebrating their Legendairy 133 Celebration by giving back to their loyal patrons. Hence, they’re giving out not one, not two, but 133 prizes to lucky winners! Read on to find out how:


1. Buy any Anchor Dairy Best-Seller Products, which will be stated in participating shops. *Hint* All the above mentioned pastries are Best-Sellers!

2. Take a picture of your receipt.

3. WhatsApp your proof of purchase to 010-9508205

It’s that simple! Eat to your heart’s content and win prizes, now that’s the dream.The contest will be running from this instant till 5th Jan 2020. For more information on Anchor’s Legendairy 133 Celebration, check out for their website or Instagram.

Head On Over To These Bakeries In The Klang Valley To Get Your Christmas Pastries & More

Photo: @myrotiman (Instagram)

Head on down to these bakeries that is booming with delicious baked goods that you cannot afford to miss out on this festive season. Don’t worry about satisfying all taste buds, as there is a plethora of pastries/cakes for you to choose from. And of course, how could you pass on the amazing offer to win some exclusive prizes by simply eating bread, cakes and pastries! 


  • Must-visit bakeries in the Klang Valley:
  1. Secret Recipe 
  2. King’s Confectionery 
  3. RT Pastry
  4. Hogan Bakery 
  5. Tong Kee Bakery 
  6. The Rotiman Bakery 
  • Enter Anchor Dairy’s Legendairy 133 Celebration & win amazing prices

Featured Image: @mrizhoh (Instagram), Secret Recipe Singapore (Official website)

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