Bangkok’s Rainbow Cheese Toast is Now Available at Saychiizu Malaysia!

Things are About to Get Cheesy

Foodies, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind when someone mentions Bangkok night market? Is it Thai milk tea or coconut ice cream? We surely can’t get over the ever famous rainbow cheese toast. So when we saw Malaysians posing with their rainbow cheese toast on social media, we went nuts. Turns out Saychizuu has landed in Malaysia, offering these cheesy goodness, we knew we had to get our hands on them, and we did. For you curious souls, scroll down to find out whether Saychiizu is KL Foodie approved.


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First Things First, What is Saychiizu?

Those of you who are frequent mall hoppers might have noticed a new member in Mid Valley. That’s right, Saychiizu is the new addition to the mall, serving some kickass Hokkaido cheese toasts and drinks. Originated from Thailand, their best seller has got to be the Rainbow Cheese Toast. Besides unique cheese toasts, cheese drinks are also some of their highlights. Want to know the best part? We found out that Saychiizu is certified Halal by the Islamic Council of Thailand (their origin)! Now everyone can enjoy some ooey gooey toasts.

Taste Test:

The Unicorn Fruit Toast (RM12.90) aka rainbow cheese toast, also the sole purpose of our visit. We were lucky enough to get a peak on the making process, and it was satisfying. Don’t let the colorful cheese put you off because the brand promises no additive and artificial coloring added. Here comes the fun part: cheese pull. At first bite, we could hear the crisp of the toast, yet the inner was soft.

Time for the pull! We tried to make the stretch as long as possible, and boy we got so fascinated by the rainbow colored cheese-stretch! Taste wise, we were expecting more flavors, but just the creaminess and hint of sweetness from the mozzarella. Again, this is super Instagrammable.

Onto Milo Cheese Toast (RM9.90). Again, this one gave a similar, fun cheese-stretch, but the flavor’s a bit different. As the name suggests, you do get a hint of chocolate, malty flavor from the toast. It has a sweet aftertaste, yet subtle enough to not cover the creaminess of the cheese. We never knew we would enjoy it this much given the weird combo of flavors.


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Taste Test (We’re Not Done):

What’s a thorough review without trying out the Original Cheese Toast (RM9.90)? We find this one quite similar to the rainbow cheese toast we had, minus the colorful excitement. It has an extra hint of milk creaminess as well, thanks to their secret cheese sauce. Those who prefer “original” in everything would love this.


One last cheese pull before we call it a day. Hear us out, this flavor will blow your mind away, like Oreo Cheese Toast (RM9.90)?! Their toast did taste like oreo, with a little crunch to it. Just like an oreo, the cheese resembles the cream filling stacked in between, *coughs* two oreo-flavored toast. Sweet and creamy, this is dedicated for the sweet tooth out there.


We couldn’t just walk away without their signature cheese drink. We ordered both Chiizu Coffee and Chiizu Teh Tarik (RM8.90 each). Ever tried coffee with cheese? Don’t be intimidated by the combination, they’re oddly satisfying, smooth and creamy. Chiizu Teh Tarik is hands down our favourite. It’s like cheese milk tea, but with a stronger aroma of local tea. Plus, it’s a representation of our culture, Malaysian spirit going strong here.

Verdict of Saychiizu:

The experience overall was fun, better if you come with a bunch of friends. That way, each of you can start a cheese pull challenge, where the longest cheese stretch wins! While there’s still space for improvement flavor wise, we loved how thoughtful Saychiizu incorporated Malaysian flavors in their menu. Will we revisit? Definitely, this is KL Foodie-approved! Tag all your friends and let them know about this spot to have some fun, buh byee.

Saychiizu Malaysia

Address:  LG-039, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.
Operating Hour: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)
More Info:

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