Beer Garage: Food, Entertainment and RM10 Beer All Night Long

Foodies, we stumbled upon a hidden gem recently and we thought why not share it with you guys? This place is perfect if you had a rough day at work, or just want an unpretentious, laid back gathering with friends. We’re talking about Beer Garage, the perfect chill out spot in Selangor. Don’t exit the page and continue reading as they have a lot to offer, including RM 10 beer!


Let’s Talk About Beer Garage:

An automobile turned drinking spot, part of the automobile elements remained, like the rustic, garage vibe paired with beer garden. Its spacious, open-air facade creates a laid-back atmosphere, and we loved that. As we walked in, we noticed Beer Garage is more than a drinking spot. They have a full, lengthy menu which includes Local, Thai and Western fares. Guess what? They’re pet-friendly too, furry kids want some fun!


Now, Onto Food:

You know how some drinking places offer food less than what you should pay? We were skeptical about this place as well, but boy, WE WERE WRONG. Booze is no fun without some snacks, since we had a few people, we ordered quite a bit like Thai Pork Skewer (RM12), Grilled Pork Neck Salad (RM18), Kam Heong Bali Tong (RM15) and more. Below were some of our favourite.

The Salt& Pepper Crispy Baby Crab (RM15) was the group’s call. Not only it comes with a generous portion, the baby crabs are deep fried and nicely seasoned, our hands kept reaching out to it like it was some free-flow chips but better.

Steamed Blanched Cockles (RM15) had us reminiscing our trip to Bangkok. Unlike local cockles, those who’ve been to Thailand and had cockles there would know. Big, juicy, and plump meat at its most original flavor. When paired with Thai green chili, appetizing.


Another favourite, the Deep Fried White Pomfret (RM16). Not just any ordinary fish, but white pomfret deep fried into golden brown, lightly seasoned with salt. They’re so crunchy, like fried chicken, but better we couldn’t stop, this one will make you addicted.


Before we move on to mains, the highlight, Salt Crusted Grilled Fish (RM5/100g). We were told this is a bestseller and it wasn’t until we downed the whole fish within minutes to agree with it. Judging from the appearance, the fish looked normal. It’s stuffed with lemongrass, pandan and galangal to enhance the flavor. The excessive amount of salt didn’t overwhelm the fish, but instead, added an oceanic flavor and texture.

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Mains and Booze:

Appetizers ain’t enough to satisfy our stomach, and, to give a thorough review. We ordered a few from their Western section, since we’ve already touched on Local and Thai.

Got ourselves Chicken Supreme Pizza (RM14) for sharing. The portion’s just right, and the crust was crunchy and thin, very appetizing. They were generous when it comes to sauce and toppings, albeit flavor being a little bland, one can simply fix it with Tabasco and salt.

Next one, is for the champion, Charcoal Grilled New Zealand Lamb (RM20). Decent cut of meat with a huge portion, for that price, is a win. The flavor’s right there as well, a balance of charred, and creaminess with a hint of menthol aftertaste thanks to the peppermint sauce.

Another recommendation from the staff, the Charcoal Grilled Chicken Chop (RM14). Nicely charred skin with tender flesh, the juices exploded in our mouth upon chewing. The gravy added smoothness to it, we liked this dish.

How can we forget about the booze? Good things are worth waiting. Enjoy RM10 per glass of beer ALL NIGHT LONG! What is work during drinking hours? Choose from Asahi to Calrsberg, Kronenbourg Blanc and more! Cheers to another great night.

Entertainment at Beer Garage:

Remember the entertainment part we talked about? Not only food and cheap beer, fire up your experience here with some fun like pool (RM3/game) and electronic dart game (RM2/person).

They have the famous beer game, Beer Pong (RM45 includes 1 jug of Carlsberg) where losers pay for the winner’s drink. Challenge your friends and let them burn their wallet (if you’re that good)!

Verdict of Beer Garage:

Definitely worth a few visits! What’s better than good, cheap food, beer and entertainment? Not only your night will be lit, your this place won’t light up and burn your pocket. We’re also talking about bonding sessions, it’s like killing many birds with one stone. Beer Garage is KL Foodie approved, so tag your friends and jio them out to this place.


Beer Garage Sunway

Address: No, 2, Jalan PJS 11/14, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operating Hour: 4 p.m.-2 a.m. (Daily)
Tel: +6012-2211322

Beer Garage Setia Alam

Address:  8-G Jalan Setia Dagang Ak U13 Seksyen U13, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Operating Hour: 4 p.m.-2 a.m. (Daily)
Tel: +6014-6751768

Beer Garage SS2 (Opening soon in September 2019)

More Information:

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