This Italian Restaurant in KL Run By Italian Sells A Whole Tiramisù For RM48 Only

Calling all sweet tooth enthusiasts, we’ve found a gem! Did you know tiramisù is one of the top five most recognised Italian words in the world? While the dessert isn’t hard to make and can be typically found in most cafes and restaurants, only a few can get it right. Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant is a hidden gem in Kepong, known for serving some of the best tiramisù in KL.


Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant Serving Seriously Good Tiramisù in KL:

Photo: 雅惠 (Facebook)

For those who are on a hunt for some real Italian tiramisù, don’t look away! Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant is known by the locals in the area for serving affordable, authentic Italian cuisine.

Photo: @chongpohyong (Instagram)

That’s not all. This quaint restaurant is run by a true Italian. Try searching the restaurant on Google and most reviews will tell you how good their tiramisù is. Rarely do restaurants make it right, even for some Italian places, but their tiramisù is a bang for the buck.

Photo: RED 小红书

Coffee-soaked ladyfingers are stacked upon silky layers of mascarpone cream and finished with sprinkles of cocoa powder. The flavours and consistency are on point.

Photo: RED 小红书

Not to mention Bel Pasto’s tiramisù is tagged at such an honest price comparing to other places. You’ll get a slice of this mouthwatering dessert for just RM10.80! If you’re looking for a whole cake to devour or for celebrations, 1kg is only RM48.50.

Photo: JaneyJane (RED 小红书)

Foodies, if you’re looking for some seriously good tiramisù in Selangor, don’t forget to try Bel Pasto Pizza Italian Restaurant. Also, best to drop them a message if you’re keen to order to avoid disappointment. That’s all, stay safe and have a good one!

Note: This Tiramisù cake contains no alcohol and no pork.

Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant

Address: 3-23A, Jalan Desa 2/2, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.
Contact: 011-1041 2110

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