Big Bad Wolf Books Is Back With 24 Hours Sales With 4.5 Million New Books In December

Hello, bookworms! We have some exciting news to share with you! Big Bad Wolf Books, the world’s biggest book sale, is finally returning this December. This event will be happening from 6th to 16th December at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre. Here’s the best part, this book sale is going to be 24 hours! It sounds like the perfect midnight trip with your friends!

Big Bad Wolf Books Is Back Again

Photo: BBWBOOKS (Facebook)

Gather around, we are about to drop some details! It is hard to believe that Big Bad Wolf Books will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary! This time around, it is returning with approximately 4,500,000 books for the latest book sale! Yes, we put in the zeros for an exaggeration. You will be happy to know that these new books will be heavily discounted. That’s a 75% to 95% discount from its original price.

Photo: @bigbadwolfbooks (Instagram)
Photo: @bigbadwolfbooks (Instagram)

With fiction and non-fiction available, you can find thriller, romance, humour, horror, and more under one roof! It sounds like the perfect place to purchase some Christmas presents for your loved ones, at an affordable price. Or, you can start stocking up new books to read for 2020! It is always a good feeling when you’re reading a good book (or, eating your favourite food).

Happening from 6th to 16th December 2019

Photo: @bigbadwolfbooks (Instagram)
Photo: @bigbadwolfbooks (Instagram)

Big Bad Wolf Books will be happening for ten days. It leaves ample of time to visit over the weekends. Visit in the afternoon and celebrate its 10th anniversary with other bookworms, or head down after midnight for a lesser crowd. Can’t wait to add new titles onto the shelves this December! Are you excited to stock up some good books for the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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Event: Big Bag Wolf Books

Location: Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre

Date: 6th to 16th December 2019

Operating Hours: 24 Hours

Link(s): Facebook 

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