Malaysia’s First Ever Book Tunnel Concept Is Now Open At BookXcess Sunsuria Forum

Hello, bookworms! We have a piece of amazing news to share with you. BookXcess is the top dog when it comes to creating exciting bookstores in Malaysia. Over the years, the discounted bookstore sweep us off our feet with super long bookshelves in Penang and turning old bank vaults into a bookstore in Ipoh. Now, BookXcess is the first in Malaysia to unleash a book tunnel concept. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this!


Book tunnels & towering circular bookshelf

Photo: BookXcess

Before stepping into BookXcess Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue, you will need to take a quick snap of its one of a kind entrance. The towering circular bookshelf at the entrance has a similar vibe with the world-famous Starfield Library in South Korea. Instagram-worthy? Yes! Check out the tunnel of bookshelves, and explore the different worlds the bookstore has to offer.

+ Work station, reading spaces, & Café Wolf.

Being the 8th BookXcess outlet, the bookstore carries more than 500,000  heavily discounted books. You can find a variety of books including art and design, literature, fiction, non-fiction, young adult, and children’s books. Be sure to look closer to find hidden gems, too. Apart from being an Instagram-worthy bookstore, there will be comfortable workstations, reading spaces, and BookXcess’ in-store café, Café Wolf.

There is a mini-maze, kids!


That’s not all! Believe it or not, BookXcess Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue houses a mini-maze too! Unfortunately, it is made for kids only. Additionally, Magical Books incorporated with Augmented Reality (AR) will be available at the store. These books use super-cool technology to create an immersive, interactive reading experience. Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella will come to life! Wah, so cool.


Get an extra 20% off from 31st October to 3rd November 2019

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)
Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

Now, let’s talk about discounts! Apart from creating quirky bookstores, BookXcess is well known for its heavily discounted books. Yes, we are talking about books with 50% to 80% worth of discounts. In the spirit of encouraging more Malaysians to read, BookXcess will be giving out an additional 20% discount on all non-promotional items from 31st to 3rd November 2019. Pst, no minimum purchase is necessary. There’s more!

  • Spend RM50, free BookXcess Membership
  • Spend RM100, free BookXcess Membership, free coffee/tea from Café Wolf, and RM10 voucher.
  • Spend RM150, free BookXcess Membership, free coffee/tea from Café Wolf, and RM20 voucher.
  • AND RM5 off if you’re a student or teacher.

What are you adding to your shelves?


With more than 500,000 heavily discounted books at BookXcess Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue, we are sure that you will find some intriguing titles to be added to your bookshelves. Mark your calendars, as the additional 20% discount will be ending on 3rd November 2019 (Sunday). Alternatively, take this opportunity to donate some books to the Red Readerhood corner. Time to tag your bookworm buddies!

Location: SB-1, Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue, Setia Alam.

Waze to BookXcess Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue 

Operating Hours: Opens daily, 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram.

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