“Button Up!” Julie’s Biscuits Rolls Out Adorable Buttons & It’s Perfect For Snack Time!

No matter young or old, we all enjoy some good snacks for a little mini break and our never-ending snack time. Surely, nothing beats the feeling of enjoying tasty treats if it’s not with Julie’s! And if you think it can’t get any better… enter Buttons, an ultimate all-day snack to satiate every craving! 


ALL New Julie’s BUTTONS Is Now Up For Grabs

Julie's Buttons

Julie’s Buttons is the perfect snack for fun seekers and snack lovers! If you’ve guessed that these NEW snacks look like buttons… you are right on the button! 

With this entire Buttons series, you’ll be enjoying the most satisfying snack time. Comes in a convenient pack, you can enjoy it wherever and on the go!

Julie's Buttons

Available in THREE savoury flavours, each Julie’s Buttons ensures a perfect crunch so get ready to sink into this light and crunchy snack!

Plus, it’s a clean and residue-free snack, making it ideal for enjoying at work or during study time without any mess or powdery residue on your hands!

Mini Veggie

Julie's Buttons Mini Veggie

Mini Veggie features spring onion and a fragrant garlic note that gives a unique aroma, making this snack a perfect addition when indulging in joyful moments of snacking. 


Cheezy Cheddar

Julie's Buttons Cheezy Cheddar

Perfect for cheese lovers, Julie’s Buttons Cheezy Cheddar has a subtle taste of cheesy saltiness that will leave you wanting more! 


Hot Curry

Julie's Buttons Hot Curry

Be pleasantly surprised by the taste of hot curry in each bite, this bold flavour packed with savoury spice will definitely have you reaching the pack for more!


Get Your Hands on Julie’s Buttons Now Available Nationwide 

Julie's Buttons

Whether you’re in need of a snack or a little pick me up, now you can get Buttons

So take your favourite Julie’s Buttons with you and share this tasty treat with your family and friends anytime, anywhere! 

Julie’s Buttons is available at major hypermarkets nationwide in one perfect snack size (80g), Shopee and Lazada. Follow Julie’s on Facebook and Instagram for more updates! 

So what are you waiting for? Get them all today for an enjoyable snack time!

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