Parfaiteria Bel Japan Serves Cakes On-The-Go In Transparent Cans

They Sure Can

Hey there, do you have a favourite dessert that’s your go-to option after every meal? Are you team cake or ice cream? For team cake, surely you’ll wish that you can bring a slice of cake with you everywhere you go right? Alright, enough questions because this dessert parlour in Japan is bringing cake-eating to a whole other level. They serve cakes in cans! Surely, if anyone CAN do it, it has to be Parfaiteria Bel in Japan.

Parfaiteria Bel In Japan Has Cakes In Cans

You probably guessed it from the name, Parfaiteria Bel is a dessert parlour that specializes in parfaits. Word has it that the parfaits here are glorious to both the tummy and eyes. You can find flavours like Pistachio and Praline, Chestnut, and many more.  Of course, Parfaiteria Bel is a hit among locals.

Parfaiteria beL Japan
Photo: @brandnew_harapeco (Instagram)
Parfaiteria beL Japan
Photo: @hirorocafe (Instagram)

Aside from serving just parfaits, they also bring the serving of cakes to a whole new level. Ready? They serve cakes in transparent cans complete with a ring-pull lid that actually elevate the entire cake-eating experience. Through the Shortcake Can, you can see the beautiful layers of cake, cream, and fruits stacked atop one another. Priced at 900 yen each.

Cakes in cans Japan
Photo: @mii_mimisuma (Instagram)
Cakes in cans Japan
Image: @mii_mimisuma (Instagram)
Cakes in cans Japan
Photo: @momikan12250707 (Instagram)

This genius invention is made a reality by Risotteria GAKU, a restaurant in Hokkaido and Tokyo specializing in risotto and parfaits. When cakes in cans were first introduced in its Hokkaido and Tokyo branches, they received such warm welcome that they were sold out. Each can is priced at 900 yen and the Fuwa Can flavours include strawberry, citrus and red rhubarb.

Cakes in cans Japan
Photo: @shuya_shiggy (Instagram)
Cakes in cans Japan Parfaiteria Bel
Image: (Instagram)
Cakes in cans Japan
Photo: @momikan12250707 (Instagram)

Cake On The Go, Anyone?

What do you think of this? Is this an invention you would most likely try out if you’re a cake lover? Let us know in the comments! Bye!

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Featured Image: @tapiottiy | @mii_mimisuma (Instagram)

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