McDonald’s Is Opening Its Very First Outlet In Cameron Highlands


Cameron Highland people rejoice! Apparently, McDonald’s decided to expand its wings further and finally open an outlet at the ever so calming tourist spot, Cameron Highland. We might have been to Cameron Highland dozens of times before and can never get tired of it. But for the people living there, this is definitely an upgrade they have been waiting for.

Cameron Highland’s First-Ever McDonald’s Outlet

Now, this is really exciting news! As shared in a post by Penang Kini, apparently our beloved Mekdi is going to open its first outlet in Cameron Highland at Pekan Brinchang. And by the looks of it, it won’t be long until the fast food restaurant officially open their door for visitors.

Maybe We Can Get Strawberry Burgers Soon

Obviously, a lot of people are delighted with the news and shared their wishful thoughts in the comment section.

“That’s good.. It’s better than none. After this, they can promote products that are sourced locally from the best farms in Cameron.. For instance strawberry burgers or green tea milk mocha, hashbrowns with corns, mushroom porridge..”

“It’s kind of exciting.. Now it will be easier to eat there since some eateries can get a little bit expensive.. Hopefully, McD can produce Strawberry Burgers and McD Boh.”

“That’s great.. You can increase the job opportunities there.. A lot of people there are affected since they don’t get tourists anymore.. Good job McD.”

“Maybe we can get extra strawberry.. Because it’s so close!”

One Might Not Be Enough

Some even said that one outlet might not be enough! Either way, this is a development that a lot of people have been waiting for. It will be kind of cool though if this outlet can have its own personalized menu that is sourced locally. But whatever it is, let’s just behave for a while, and hopefully, we can give them a visit soon, okay?

Address: Pekan Brinchang, Cameron Highland, Pahang.

Source: Facebook

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