This Malaysian Has Created One Of A Kind Chinese New Year Shake (Shake!) Cookies

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, most of our houses will be filled with all kinds of Chinese New Year cookies. It is a must to have peanut cookies, pineapple tarts, and almond cookies. But, what if you’re looking for something that stands out? One Malaysian baker has created one of a kind Chinese New Year Shake Cookies! Trust us, it is going to be a crowd-pleaser, especially among children.

Heng Ah, Huat Ah, Shake Ah!

Photo: Cookies Art by Shirlyn (Facebook)

Shirlyn Leong, a Malaysian baker residing in North Carolina, has created these stunning Chinese New Year Shake Cookies. Specialising in hand-painting, character cookies, and pressure piping, it is no wonder that she was able to bake these beauties! These Chinese New Year Cookies comprise of Chinese characters perfect for this Chinese New Year.

Photo: Cookies Art by Shirlyn (Facebook)
Photo: Cookies Art by Shirlyn (Facebook)

Of course, Shirlyn didn’t miss out on making a lion dance cookie as well. Apart from Chinese New Year Shake Cookies, she has created a fortune tassel cookie. So cute! Considering that she is residing in North Carolina, it will be very difficult to get your hands on these intricate cookies. Fret not! You can participate in her online cookie workshops to learn how to make these.

Photo: Cookies Art by Shirlyn (Facebook)
Photo: Cookies Art by Shirlyn (Facebook)

It appears that Shirlyn has been conducting online classes for a while now. Her previous classes include but not limited to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 3D Flower Letters, and Pumpkin Witch. In the Chinese New Year Shake Cookie class, you will be learning on how to work with isomalt, creating gold nonpareils, and others. You can check out the class right here.

Will you be making your very own cookies?

Photo: Cookies Art by Shirlyn (Facebook)

Apart from buying Chinese New Year cookies, we can always create it ourselves. In some families, it is an activity to bakes some cookies together before the festive season! Will you be attempting to make your very own Chinese New Year cookies this year? For starters, Honey Cornflakes Cookies appear to be the easiest to make.  Let us know in the comments about your thoughts!

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