CoffeeBot Is Providing 15,000 Cups Of Freshly Brewed Coffee And Vouchers To Medical Frontliners

No Better Timing For A Cup Of Coffee

Hello, foodies! As we’re entering a new phase of recovery MCO (RMCO), most of you are thinking of heading out or cutting your hair. However, the fight against the coronavirus is not over! In fact medical frontliners all over the country are still working tirelessly. So, in order to continuously show the nation’s support and gratitude towards them, CoffeeBot is giving them 15,000 cups of coffee!


Freshly Brewed Coffee Worth More Than RM100k To Be Donated To Medical Frontliners

CoffeeBot will be distributing 15,000 cups of freshly brewed coffee worth RM105,000 to medical frontliners across 13 hospitals on 16 June 2020. As the fight against the global pandemic continues on, these medical frontliners may wish for a much needed boost in order to continue ‘fighting’. In this case, there’s nothing better than a cuppa hot, freshly brewed coffee for a quick pick-me-up.

Photo: @mycoffeebot (Instagram)

Complimentary coffees will be given in the form of QR vouchers for the frontliners to redeem their preferred choice of energy booster. Every single one of the medical frontliners from the 13 chosen hospitals will not be left out. They will get premium coffee in a matter of seconds!

Photo: Reuters

Besides, medical frontliners will be getting more than just freshly brewed coffee from CoffeeBot vending machines. TGV Cinemas vouchers as well as other merchandises will also be distributed to them. CoffeeBot has managed to call on well-known brands, such as San Francisco Coffee Roasting, TGV Cinemas, Monin Asia, Caltex and Encore Med for this project.

Photo: @mycoffeebot (Instagram)

Coffee-junkies in the Klang Valley, there’s a 24/7 unlimited source of freshly brewed coffee under your nose all this while – CoffeeBot! Spot this cute coffee machine in all 64 spots in the Klang Valley. No, it’s not instant coffee if that what you’re thinking. Using the finest Arabica coffee beans roasted by the famous San Fancisco Roasting and Monin Asia syrup – enjoy premium coffee in a few seconds!

Photo: @mycoffeebot (Instagram)

There’s a multitude of coffee, tea and even chocolate you can try from any of their vending machines. They’ve got your classics like Americano, Latte and Cappuccino. However, if you’ve craving for some specialty drinks, you’re in for treat as well with their Hazelnut Chocolate, Green Tea Espresso, Hokkaido Milk Tea and many more!

Thank You, Our Fellow Medical Frontliners

We wouldn’t be where we are right now without our dedicated medical frontliners. As big as that claim may be, it is hundred percent true. With the new cases stabilising at a much lower rate, it’s all because of our beloved medical frontliners. Stay strong peeps, we’re all cheering for you at home!

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