Inspirational: Local Medical Staffs Encourage Indonesian Frontliners To Press On

Don't give up yet!

Recently on social media platforms, a lot of Indonesians used the #indonesiaterserah. A hashtag to show resentment towards locals that refused to abide by social distancing rules. Along with the tag, came videos and photos of Indonesian frontliners who were obviously tired. And probably even fed up with increased cases of positive COVID-19 patients.

“Press On,” Said Malaysian Frontliners

Being aware of our neighbour’s situation, Malaysian frontliners post photos and statuses in response. Telling them, “kita pasti bisa” (we can do it). And, “jangan putus asa” (don’t give up). Showering them with great encouragement and love across borders.

indonesia bisa
Photo: @antharaxxxx (Twitter)

indonesia bisa
Photo: @antharaxxxx (Twitter)
indonesia bisa
Photo: @antharaxxxx (Twitter)

Focusing On Common Goals

It’s clear that they need extra support at the moment. Therefore, it is a prime time for us to put our differences aside. We may have unresolved disputes. But currently, humanity is jeopardized. Thus the only way to get out of the pandemic is to work together. Thank you Malaysian frontliners! We hope the Indonesian frontliners will notice and know that we want to survive this tragedy together.

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