The Solar Eclipse Is Appearing On 21 June 2020 In Malaysia & Here’s How To Enjoy The Cosmic Event

Get Your Cameras Ready!

Hey, foodies! We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a nice long weekend at home. For some of you, every day may feel monotonous with the conditional movement control order still in place. Entertainment outlets are still closed until further notice as well. Just as you feel like you’re going to spend the upcoming just the same as the past two, maybe this news will bring some anticipation to your mundane days.


Annular Solar Eclipse In Malaysia Set To Appear Next Month

Photo: Bernama

According to the Time and Date website, the solar eclipse will be visible in Kuala Lumpur exactly 25 days from today, on 21 June 2020. The magnificent cosmic event is set to start appearing at 2:50PM until 4:54PM. However, the best view of the maximum eclipse is set to happen at 3:57PM.

Photo: Time and Date

However, the annular solar eclipse may not be new news to some. Just recently back in December of last year, the spectacular “ring of fire” had left many people in awe after appearing for the first time in Malaysia after 21 years. As you can tell, it’s really rare to witness the actual annular solar eclipse first hand. Most of the times, only a partial eclipse is presented to us or if only the weather that day permits it. So, fingers crossed!

Photo: Time and Date

Well, it’s best to be prepared on the day itself than to wonder why people around you are shoving their phones towards the sky. A great reminder if you’re all set to glare into the solar eclipse to admire its beauty – DON’T! When you stare directly into it, the Sun’s rays might burn your retinas, leading to permanent damage or even blindness. Hence, it’s best to get proper protective glasses or have it projected onto another surface.

Photo: Rikhman Rashidi (Twitter)

Will You Be Anticipating This Year’s Annular Solar Eclipse In Malaysia?

We’re not sure if we’ll be as lucky as we were last year to witness the rare event yet again. But be sure to mark your calendars and set a reminder for your friends and family. As we’re unsure if the CMCO will be extended yet again in the following month, but at the very least, here’s something all of us can look forward to enjoy without actually physically being together.

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