Covid-19: Staff From Komugi One Utama Tests Positive For Covid, Last Reported To Work On 2nd Nov


  • Staff from Komugi @ One Utama Shopping Mall tests positive for Covid-19
  • Said staff was last at the premise on 2 November 2020
  • Komugi One Utama has since been closed for deep sanitisation & disinfection

Another Covid-Positive Case From One Utama Shopping Mall

Komugi Malaysia had released an official statement on their Facebook page that one of its staff from the One Utama branch has tested positive for Covid-19. In the statement, the said staff was immediately discharged from work on 2 November 2020, after showing symptoms. Komugi One Utama had immediately shut down for deep sanitisation and disinfection.

Photo: 1 Utama (Website)

All exposed food and packaging had been discarded immediately. Besides, everyone who had been in contact with the said staff have been identified and to self-quarantine with necessary test conducted. All the staffs from Komugi One Utama have been sent for Covid testing on 4 November 2020. A different team will be tested first before being able to step back into the branch.

Read the full statement posted by Komugi Bakery down below:

Photo: @KomugiMalaysia (Facebook)

Previously, the last recorded case from One Utama Shopping Mall had been on the 25th October 2020, where a Baskin Robbins staff has tested positive. The said employee had last reported to work on the 22nd October.

Stay Home & Stay Safe

Without a doubt, the overall Covid cases in Malaysia are still at an all time high. As the CMCO is still taking place all over Selangor, KL and Putrajaya, everyone is encouraged to stay home as much as possible. Remember to have your face masks on and abide by all SOPs if it is deemed necessary to go out. Stay safe and remain vigilant, peeps!

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