Korea’s Popular CU Convenience Store Will Be Coming To Malaysia Soon

Hi there foodie friends! With everything becoming more and more fast-paced, we’re all looking for quicker alternatives to our meals. And, this is where convenience stores come into place. Well, good news to Malaysians because we will be welcoming Korea’s popular CU Convenience Store pretty soon!


MyNEWS Group Will Bring In CU Convenience Store To M’sia

If you’ve had the privilege to travel to Korea before the global pandemic hit us, chances are you already know what we’re talking about. In fact, you might be so joyous that you start to reminisce of the good old times when you’ve paid CU Convenience Store a visit.

Photo: @korazil (Instagram)
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CU Convenience Store was established back in 2012 and to date, there are approximately 15,000 stores all across South Korea. This simply means that it’s a local favourite convenience store and here’s the tea guys, MyNEWS will be bringing this brand all the way to Malaysia!


Photo: @table_eat_j (Instagram)

The MyNEWS group will be planning to open 30-50 stores by early 2021.  Additionally, they will be allocating up to RM40 million for the first two years of its licensing agreement with BGF Retail Co Ltd, South Korea’s biggest convenience store operator, and CU brand owner.

Photo: @convenience_cu (Instagram)
CU Convenience Store
Picture: @s_e2926 (Instagram)
Photo: @convenience_cu (Instagram)

CU Guys There In 2021!

So, in the meantime, while we all get ready for its opening next year, let’s feast on some photos of the delicious Korean snacks! Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled because we will be having more convenience store options with the opening of CU. Before we go, shall we CU guys there?

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