Cyberjaya Will Be Next To Test Out Automated Rapid Transit (ART) In 2022

The future is here!

Being a cheaper, greener alternative for transport, Automated Rapid Transit (ART) will soon arrive in Cyberjaya. In 2030, ART might be able to reduce carbon emission in Cyberjaya by up to 40%. Trackless trams are our next step towards the future. Hopefully, it will be ready to use by the end of this year.

Second ART Pilot Test Will Be Done In Cyberjaya Starting 2022

Automated Rapid Transit (ART)
Photo: @mbipcitycouncil (Facebook)
Automated Rapid Transit (ART)
Photo: @mbipcitycouncil (Facebook)

Datuk Hamid Hussain said that the program will begin in January 2022. The Sepang Municipal Council will be running a three-month-long pilot program with it. Additionally, the trackless tram will be moving between Persiaran Rimba Permai and Persiaran Bestari. This has to be done to ensure ART’s capabilities on the road.

Automated Rapid Transit (ART)
Photo: @mbipcitycouncil (Facebook)

Apparently, this is the second time the ART system is piloted in Malaysia. Earlier this year, the trackless tram was tested in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor. It is possible that Malaysia will see more and more ART systems implemented in the future. Authorities such as Sarawak are already considering using it in Kuching next year.

An Automated Tram That Runs On Electricity

ART is a medium-capacity transit system for urban passenger transport. Although it is similar to a tram, it doesn’t need tracks and can work on the road just like a bus. It runs on electricity but can use other forms of green energy too. Additionally, it doesn’t need overhead wires for power.

Automated Rapid Transit (ART)
Photo: @mbipcitycouncil (Facebook)

The tram can travel up to 70km/h and navigate its own route. However, they are still going to task a driver to oversee its operations for added safety. The tram will have a passenger capacity of around 300-500 passengers. What’s more, a short 10-minute charge can travel up to 24 km!

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