Malaysian Shares A Handy Tip For Perfecting Dalgona Coffee Without A Mixer


  • Malaysian shared her hack for making Dalgona Coffee with no mixer.
  • Simply mix the coffee, sugar and hot water and pour them into a mineral water bottle.
  • Then, shake thoroughly to create a foam mixture.

Hello Malaysians! We’re almost a week into MRO and if you look all over social media, there are cooking recipes everywhere. If you’re observant, you’ll see that one of the viral recipes spreading like wildfire right now is none other than Dalgona Coffee.

Dalgona Coffee Pro-Tip

Let’s start off with a brief explanation of Dalgona Coffee. It’s a viral coffee recipe by a Korean YouTuber, 뚤기ddulgi. In the 3 and a half-minute long clip, 뚤기ddulgi uses a mixer to whip coffee, sugar, and water into a thick frothy foam. Some recipes even mentioned that we need to stir the coffee 400 times (so precise). Then, dollops of the foam are added onto a glass of milk. The oddly-satisfying swirl on the top makes it viral, and everyone is trying out their own version at home.

Dalgona Coffee with no mixer
Photo: @ss.ted (Instagram)

As of right now, the video has garnered over 3.8 million views. Of course, with a recipe this simple, what’s there not to love? Besides, as we’re all complying with the MRO, we gotta admit we pretty much have all the time in the world to try out this Insta-worthy coffee recipe.

Dalgona Coffee with no mixer
Photo: @floralthuong (Instagram)

Okay, say you’ve got every ingredient ready to make yourself a cup of Dalgona Coffee when you pause and realize, you don’t have a mixer. Clearly, the recipe needed only one tool and it’s the one you can’t seem to find anywhere. Well, we could just mash the coffee with a spoon and whip it 400(x2), right? True, if you’re willing to spend hours on a cup of coffee.

Dalgona Coffee with no mixer
Photo: @unamamavegana (Instagram)

But hey, no need to frown because this Malaysian has just shared with us a handy tip to successfully perfect Dalgona Coffee WITHOUT a mixer. It’s simple, we can replace the mixer with another item that’s easily found in every household: a used mineral water bottle.

Dalgona Coffee with no mixer
Photo: @LieyaEmillia (Facebook)

According to Lieya Emillia, all she did was mix the coffee, sugar, hot water and subsequently pouring them into a mineral water bottle. Then, shake the mixture for a bit and you’ll get the foamy texture. The best part about this trick is that it doesn’t take long for the mixture to turn into foam. So, maybe we really can skip the stirring 400 times part.

Dalgona Coffee with no mixer
Photo: @la.platilloteca (Instagram)

Show Us Your Masterpiece!

If you’ve always wanted to try this recipe but have been putting it off because there’s no mixer at home, this tip will come in handy. Also, don’t forget to show us your end product in the comments, good luck Foodies!

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