7 Tips On How To Stock Up Properly During Self Quarantine

It’s all over social media! People have been panic buying like there’s no tomorrow and it was nasty. Not everyone can stock up immediately and we probably can’t finish all of the perishable items before the expiring date. To counter this, we thought up of 7 tips on how to stock up properly in a timely fashion. Hopefully, with this, we wouldn’t endanger our wallet and remain thoughtful of other folks.


Best Ways To Avoid Panic Buying And Grocery Hoarding

Panic Buying
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1. Plan Your Menu For Each Week.

menu planning
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This might need a little bit more effort than usual but it will help you a lot. Think about what you want to eat during this whole period. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time and tea time if you have to. By doing this, you can narrow down and reduce the ingredients that you need to buy at a time. Snacking is particularly crucial to reduce anxiety. Especially since we won’t be able to go out, you will turn into a munching monster.

2. Be Mindful Of What You Already Have At Home

Food Shelf
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Which is actually really important! Make a list of essential items that you should buy and what you already have so that you won’t waste your time and money unnecessarily. This way, you won’t hoard the item and able to leave it out for the people who needed it more.

3. Cook Items That Will Likely To Expire First

perishable food
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Just because it’s hard to go out doesn’t mean that you can’t eat fresh food. Grab whatever perishable ingredients that you want, fruits and vegetables even. Remember that you can still shop like you normally do. Just make sure to cook your food properly since the virus can’t stand the heat. And simply wash thoroughly the items that you will be eating raw.

4. Re-use Ingredients And Leftovers For Different Menus

leftover food
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Ingredients such as garlic, onions, eggs, and ginger can be used repeatedly over dozens of different menus. This is the time to explore the inner chef in you and be creative with your recipes. For example, beef patties are obviously for burgers but you can use them to make bistik egg, kebab, and even meatballs. Just saying, the possibilities are endless when it comes to food. Improvise and have fun with it!

5. Stock Up Items With Longer Shelf Life

canned food
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That’s right, we have an abundance of choices to choose from when talking about long-lasting ingredients. Aside from canned sardine and instant noodles, you can even consider salted eggs, pickled vegetables, dried beans, and frozen pizza. By right, you can even prepare them yourself! Maybe you can try to make kimchi for once. Few great items that you can freeze include soups, milk, and fruits. Although the fruit may not taste as fresh, you’ll be glad to know that it can be blended into some pretty good smoothies.

6. Avoid Going Out Regularly, But You Can Still Go Out

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Minimize the number of people that are going out. With the list of items you have made before, avoid unnecessary movement and go straight to the isle that you need. Refrain from unnecessary physical contact with the items and only take when you have decided which to buy. Once you get what you need, get moving! Try not to loiter to the other isles, you might be drawn to stock up on items that you don’t need. Remember to change your cloth and wash your hands as soon as you get home.

7. The Tips Can Be Applied To Non-Food Items As Well

personal hygiene
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Bear in mind what your family needs for these 2 weeks. It’s not the time to be individualistic. If you have no medical condition that requires a different daily product than the rest of your family member, then you can just share. Use running water to wash so that you can avoid wasting toilet paper. Furthermore, you need to stock up basic medicines as well because you will still be likely to get normal flu and allergies.

We Need To Survive This Together

This is the moment where our humanity is tested. It is best to remember; we are isolating ourselves to ensure that most of us survive. Be thoughtful of other people. Stop mass gathering, panic buying and spreading false news. It took China 3 months to finally fight back and it might take us longer if we continue to act recklessly. Be vigilant friends, we can do this together!


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