To All Delivery-Partners: Thank You

An Appreciation Note

We are safe at home because these heroes are constantly catering to our every need. While most of us are practicing social distancing, our local delivery-partners are putting themselves at risk to help us cope with our sanity and especially our food cravings.


Our Riders Need Our Empathy Now More Than Ever

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To help and show our gratitude to the local riders, we suggest these small but meaningful things we can do to encourage them:

  1. Adopt Contactless Delivery
    • Notify your rider and they will place your item at an appropriate spot.
  2. Leave a 5 star rating for your rider and tip them whenever possible!
  3. Order food for your rider.
    • Communicate with your rider to see if they’re hungry and buy them a meal.
  4. Wish them well!

Delivery Companies Are Doing Their Part In Protecting Deliver-Partners

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It is now more important than ever to protect our Rakyat. Thankfully, delivery companies are playing its part to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 by providing financial assistance to affected drivers and subsidizing essential health items. Let’s do our best to help them out!

For more information on the precautions Delivery Companies are taking:

  1. Grab Malaysia: Click here
  2. Foodpanda: Click here
  3. dahmakan: Click here

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