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Dunkin’ M’sia Is Giving Away 3 Free Donuts On 5th June In Conjunction With Global Doughnut Day


  • Dunkin’ Malaysia is celebrating Global Donut Day with a special deal.
  • Get 3 free donuts with the purchase of 6 donuts.
  • Available for one day only on 5th June 2020.

We are here to announce some happy and scrumptious news! Donut lovers, it is time to gather around the campfire in a donut formation. One of the biggest donut brands in Malaysia, Dunkin’ Malaysia, has just announced that it will be giving away free donuts! Happening for one day only, here’s everything you will need to know about this hard to miss deal.

3 Free Donuts From Dunkin’ On 5th June 2020

Photo: Dunkin’ (Facebook)

Just announced on its official Facebook page, Dunkin’ is offering 3 free donuts with the purchase of six donuts. This sweet deal is in conjunction with Global Donut Day. Happening for one day only, head down to your nearest Dunkin’ outlet on 5th June 2020. With so many tasty donuts available, here are some of the donuts that you will need to try out!

Photo: Dunkin’ (Facebook)

Check out Malaysian favourites including Pandan Kaya Filled, Cheezy Cheese, and Bendera. For chocolate lovers, there are so many delectable choices including Salted Choc Caramel, Crunchy Choc, and Nutty Choc! Planning to share it with your friends ’cause there will be nine donuts in total? You can check out the Malaysian menu here first before going to your nearest outlet!

Happy Global Donut Day!

Photo: Dunkin’ (Facebook)

From all of us at Foodie, Happy Global Donut Day! We love the idea that there are so many types of donuts, and there will be at least one that is our favourite flavour. So, remember to check out Dunkin’ to enjoy this limited time offer! If you are unsure regarding the operating hours of the nearest outlet, you can check out the official spreadsheet right here.

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