This Malaysian Burger Brand Came Up With Creative Ways To Stay Afloat While Helping Others During MCO

This week, we had the opportunity to interview the co-founder of myBurgerLab. It is one of the most innovative burger joints in Malaysia. Started off in 2012, myBurgerLab is now available in multiple locations in Klang Valley. Thanks to delectable burger choices such as The Fowl Word, The In-N-Out Tribute, and an option to build your own burger, this burger joint has become a favourite among Malaysians. This is how they did it!

Staying Afloat During The Movement Control Order

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

Due to the current pandemic, many food and beverage businesses around Malaysia has been heavily affected. Speaking to RenYi, the co-founder, the burger joint had managed to breakeven for the past couple of months. “We have been working very closely with GrabFood, so when dine-in wasn’t allowed, we [had managed to] transition easily to the delivery and takeaway model, and there were enough orders coming in,” he added.

Being Creative In Business

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)
Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

After sorting out the delivery and takeaway model, it was time to be creative with business. Riding the waves of the Home Kit Movement, myBurgerLab introduced its own home kit. “Everyone’s house can potentially be a myBurgerLab for a day,” said RenYi. Expanding to other verticals, the team behind myBurgerLab had also started with other restaurants and cafes, including Yellow Brick Road & Strangers at 47.

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Raising RM50,000 With Vouchers, That Works As An Investment

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

By the end of April, RenYi and the team noticed that they needed additional funds to cover expenditure for the upcoming month. “A lot of people were selling vouchers online. But, we didn’t want a situation when MCO is lifted, and thousands of people coming to our stores to claim,” he said. To avoid overcrowding, the value of the vouchers increases over time!

The Journey Of Helping Others

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

Apart from staying afloat, surprisingly, myBurgerLab found the time to help the community throughout the pandemic. Upholding his mentor’s advice, RenYi’s mantra goes a little like this, “When you are lost, and you don’t know what to do, the first thing that you can try is to be kind”. Staying true, the team behind myBurgerLab bought groceries for the less-abled-bodies and elderlies around Klang Valley. And, it was just the beginning!

Extending Help To Interns

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

The idea came about when one of the staff was recently laid off from her internship. RenYi wondered, “How many more students out there are going through the same process?”. Noticing that many students are about to lose their internships during these trying times, myBurgerlab naturally extended their help. In a recent Facebook Post that went viral, myBurgerLab is offering internship programs for students to complete their studies.

A Malaysian Pride

Photo: myBurgerLab (Facebook)

Talking about his social media platforms, RenYi said, “A lot of what we did was being a platform to educate, spread awareness, [and] spread positivity”. It is definitely refreshing to see fellow Malaysians being creative in the food and beverage industry. A true Malaysian pride! Do you have any interesting stories to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

You can find myBurgerLab joints in Seapark, Sunway, OUG, MyTown Cheras (dine-in available), and Cyberjaya.

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