Preacher Ebit Lew Donates Food, Masks, Wheelchairs And Tablets To Students In Sabah

Ebit Lew, a popular Islamic preacher known for his charitable work, is going on a 10-day mission to donate supplies to schoolchildren in Sabah. According to his Facebook post, he is donating 1000 food packs, 100 wheelchairs, 75,000 facemasks and 200 Samsung tablets to students that truly need it, across 4 districts in Sabah’s east coast.


Ebit Lew Is Sending Tablets To Students That Need It For Online Learning

The implementation of home-based learning (PdPR) for students nationwide due to the pandemic has become an issue for those without gadgets. So, with the help of school administrations, Ebit Lew and his team will identify those that really need it to attend classes at home.

Support From MAS Airlines, My Jet Xpress And Zen Aviation

To assist Ebit Lew and his team on this mission, MAS Airlines provided them with special rates for travel, and received sponsorship from MyJet Xpress and service company Zen Aviation for transporting the supplies.

Source: Ebit Lew (Facebook), The Star 

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