This Simple Guide To Cooking All Our Favourite Food With An Air Fryer Is What We Need Now

From seafood to poultry to keropok

Our love for hassle-free cooking knows no boundaries, especially when there’s a machine that can cook almost anything. Yes, we’re talking about the air fryer. If you’re not busting it out for almost every meal, then this simple temperature guide for all your favourite food is perfect for you!


This Simple Sheet With Your Every Air Fryer Need Goes Viral

With almost every household having an air fryer, recipes on how to cook, bake and fry with it is on everyone’s search engine. A Malaysian woman recently posted an air fryer temperature guide with temperature and time needed for each food item. It has since went viral with over 27k shares on Twitter alone.

Photo: @neorcent (Twitter)

From fish to chicken, keropok to muffins – there’s really so many food to explore with this air frying gadget. Try your hand at making one of this today! Do note that different air fryer models work slightly differently, so the temperature and time for each food may vary.

What Haven’t You Tried?

This list has got us covered for the rest of our days of staying home and cooking more. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the food items mentioned or you’ve probably even made all of them! What special recipes do you think your air fryer’s up to next?

Have you tried this burnt cheesecake recipe using an air fryer? Or this honey chicken wings recipe?

For reference only, results may vary individually.


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