EMCO Residents Receives Pop Up Temporary Wet Market From DBKL Ensuring Uninterrupted Food Supply

Good news fellow foodies! Aside from providing rations for the people in EMCO areas, DBKL is now finding ways to operate pop-up wet markets. Hopefully, it will be useful for residents to get enough additional food supply for their households.

pop up wet market
Photo: @DBKL (Facebook)

Ensuring Uninterrupted Food Supply

 pop up wet market
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As announced by the government, areas with a large number of active COVID-19 victims will have to go through Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO). In which, regrettably all businesses were forced to shut down. This forced the residents to rely solely on food supplies provided by the Welfare Department. So really, the pop up wet market is a development that most people have been desperately waiting for.

pop up wet market
Photo: @DBKL (Facebook)

The first few wet markets were set up in Selayang. Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan said that The market will take place in zones E1, E2, and E3. And don’t worry, these markets will still apply precaution steps such as social distancing and pre-packed dry goods to avoid cross-contamination.

A Work In Progress

 pop up wet market
Photo: @DBKL (Facebook)

Although the pop up wet market receives positive feedback. A lot of improvements can still be made. Some of the residents complained that the prices of produce were expensive. Another resident suggested for online payment options as they have no access to ATM machines.

 Available Until May 3

Datuk Nor Hisham
Photo: @openpromises

Regardless, Nor Hisham said that they will work on both issues on the double. The market is open from 8 am to noon and will be available until May 3. Meanwhile, please remain vigilant and practice precaution steps especially as we are so close to the end of the quarantine period! We can do this friends!

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