Now You Can Get A Taste Of Two-Michelin Star Chef Alberto Landgraf’s Dishes Only At EQ

Two-star Michelin chef Alberto Landgraf will be the Guest Chef at Sabayon, EQ’s fine-dining restaurant, from 24 August to 7 September 2023. Landgraf, regarded as one of the leading young chefs of Latin America, has distinguished himself by his use of Japanese culinary techniques and his utilisation of native Brazilian ingredients.


Savouring The Best of Brazil: EQ welcomes Two-Michelin star chef Alberto Landgraf

Landgraf received his first Michelin star for the Brazilian restaurant Epice in Sao Paulo, and collected his second Michelin star with Oteque, in Rio de Janeiro, which opened in February 2018. Known for its open kitchen, and lavish tasting menus, Oteque was named as one of the World’s Best Restaurants in 2022. In the same year, the restaurant also made it to Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Reviewers have hailed Langraf for his naturalist Brazilian cooking style, which seeks out the freshest local produce, preparing them using a variety of traditional and modern techniques, thereby transforming simple ingredients into top-of-the-line culinary offerings.

The Michelin Guide praises Landgraf for “transporting guests to a world of highly precise culinary sensations based around his consistent use of the region’s very best fish and seafood, with his delicate dishes showcasing a skillful fusion of ingredients and flavours.”

As with many young culinary stars, Landgraf speaks as passionately about the food culture of his nation as he does about sustainability, fair trade, and shorter supply chains necessitating creative and innovative use of produce and ingredients found where a restaurant is located.

During his journey as Guest Chef, Landgraf will be preparing exclusive lunch and degustation menus for guests to savour. The degustation dinner menu, priced at RM788+ per pax will be available from Monday to Saturday, while the lunch menu, priced at RM328+ per pax will be available from Thursday to Saturday. Diners for both meals can opt for an additional wine pairing, selected and curated by Sabayon’s award-winning team.


The charismatic chef expressed delight at being able to work with some of the luminaries of the Malaysian culinary scene, and said he was looking forward to delivering a memorable experience to Malaysian food aficionado. “There are many similarities in our cuisines, most obviously the availability and use of wonderful fresh produce and ingredients. I am looking forward to introducing some native Brazilian flavours and Japanese high-end ingredients to diners, as well as to working with the culinary team at Sabayon,” said Landgraf.

EQ General Manager, Gerard Walker, said, “At EQ we pride ourselves on delivering distinctive, memorable experiences. Chef Landgraf is the latest of notable culinary stars to be the guest chef at Sabayon, and we are delighted that EQ guests will be able to experience the mastery of one of the most exciting chefs of the present time. EQ is excited to be at the forefront of great culinary experiences, and is committed to the continued raising of the bar in our standards of hospitality and food and beverage offerings.”


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