FamilyMart Launches NEW Hakuto White Peach Sofuto Flavour And It’s Available For A Limited Time Only

Cool And Refreshing!

Hello, foodies! Just a few days ago, FamilyMart Malaysia teased netizens with a Facebook post that said something was “Swirling soon”. And, plenty of you were really excited for what can only mean their new Sofuto flavour! Just released today, we’re here to report that we went to give it a try and it tastes oh-so-peachy!


FamilyMart’s New Sofuto Flavour Is Hakuto White Peach And It’s So Refreshing

Photo: KL Foodie

Besides raving about the new flavour, we’ve also got other FamilyMart news to share to those of you who don’t know about it yet. A few weeks back, your favourite convenience announced that their Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto flavour is making a comeback and that the all-time favourite Matcha Sofuto flavour will be taking a break. But fret not because now you can try their new Hakuto White Peach Sofuto flavour!

Photo: FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

Calling all peach lovers because this new flavour is about to be your ultimate go-to snack on a sunny day. FamilyMart Malaysia mentions that their new flavour is cool and refreshing, and you know they’re probably right. It’s getting quite hot lately so beat the heat and try their Hakuto White Peach Sofuto!

Photo: KL Foodie

Hakuto White Peach Sofuto And Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto Now Available At FamilyMart Outlets

Photo: @pueywan (Instagram)
Photo: KL Foodie

Here’s your FamilyMart Sofuto flavour update: Hakuto White Peach and Belgian Dark Chocolate. For now, there are only two flavours and these flavours will be available for a limited time only so be sure to try them as soon as possible! Their new Hakuto White Peach Sofuto flavour is peachy and creamy. So, wait no more, get yours today! Don’t forget to share some pictures with us in the comments! Bye for now.

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