This Eatery In PJ Levels Up Their Dai Chow Game By Serving Over 50 Types Of Fresh Fish Dishes

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Family gatherings often call for a nice, cosy place that caters to everyone’s palate. Look no further because there’s a brand new restaurant in Petaling Jaya that will easily become you and your family’s favourite go-to place. Boasting rich yet homey flavours of all your favourite Chinese dishes, Fei Fei Fish is also where you head to for a wide variety of irresistible fish dishes.


Choose From 19 Types Of Fish Cooked In 15 Different Ways At Fei Fei Fish

As clearly seen from their name, Fei Fei Fish is definitely the place to go for incredibly fresh fishes. From seawater Napoleon Wrasse to spring water Royal Empurau, have your pick at your favourite ones. But nothing beats the classic spring water Tilapia where it simply goes with any style of cooking and taste just as delicious. Read on to find out what signature sauces to try here:

First off, this is for all the classic Fish Head Noodles fans. You must get their Deep Fried With Milk Soup & White Pepper –  a signature at Fei Fei Fish. Golden on the outside but tender sweet meat on the side, you can easily finish off this dish on its own. Not forgetting to pair it with a bowl of thick milky soup loaded with vegetables and enoki mushroom.

Heading on to more authentic Chinese-style of cooking, the Steamed With Bentong GInger is their must-try. The sauce is homemade without any added MSG, while still packing full of flavours in each bite. It’s also loaded with fresh Bentong ginger, giving it a pungent aroma. For more of a spicy-kick, you can also opt for the Steamed With Preserved Vegetables cooking-style. It’s topped with pork lard to further enhance its flavours.

Other Must-Try Dishes You Can’t Miss Out Here

Of course, there’s not just fish here. Fei Fei Fish also has a wide selection of other Chinese dishes, mostly of everyone’s favourites. Don’t miss out on their Sliced Pork Salted Fish Pot, which packs a spicy punch in each bite. Another crowd-favourite here is the Mexico Fried Chicken Fillet – drenched in creamy butter sauce. Warning: This is highly addictive and you won’t be able to stop eating this! Or get their Braised Homemade Bean Curd, topped with loads of minced meat.


Visit Fei Fei Fish For A Feast Of Fish & Chinese Dishes Everyone Will Fall In Love With


Thinking of where to bring your family and friends for future gatherings? Fei Fei Fish is the place for you, with a great selection of food that all generations will love. Everything here is equally as yummy as the next dish and reasonably priced as well! If you’re a fish lover, don’t skip out on this place too, because you may have found your new favourite spot for sweet tender fish meat.

Fei Fei Fish 肥肥鱼

Address: 25, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Operating hours: (TUE – SUN) 10:45AM – 2PM ; 5PM – 10PM | Closed On Mondays

Link(s): Facebook

Status: Non-Halal

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