Here’s An Easy Way To Reduce Food Costs In Restaurant Management, With Food Market Hub

Hello there, restaurant owners! Managing a restaurant sure is not an easy task especially when it comes to keeping your restaurant afloat. There are just so many things to do – from counting sales to managing inventory and avoiding the overordering of food supplies. But all that can be solved easily. How? This cloud-based platform, Food Market Hub might be the solution you’re looking for!

Food Market Hub – The Simplest Solution To Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Food Market Hub (FMH) is a restaurant supply chain platform founded in 2017 that acts as a bridge that connects F&B outlets directly to suppliers. Yup, just like an instant messaging app but designed specifically for F&B businesses. It is used by many well-known brands such as KFC, Putien, Salad Atelier, myBurgerLab and more!

Salad Atelier said, “With Food Market Hub, we were able to quickly realise there was significant over-ordering of raw ingredients, largely due to the outlet’s inability to track quantities. Once rectified, waste was quickly reduced and margin improved by 15%.”

We all know the root cause of food wastage is stock management. Calculation error can lead to you ordering too many stocks than needed. Then, you’ll have no other choice but to throw away the unused or spoiled food which results in unnecessary costs. Just last year, The Star reported that 45% of the daily waste in Malaysia was food waste! That’s like 17,000,000 tonnes of food – enough to fit 7 Olympic swimming pools! Shocking, right? But it can all be different with Food Market Hub.

Food Market Hub
Photo: Food Market Hub
Food Market Hub
Photo: Food Market Hub
Photo: Food Market Hub

Most restaurants order food from suppliers through phone calls and WhatsApp, making it hard and messy to manage. But with FMH, you can make orders, chat and even trace back your orders in just one app! Purchase orders are automatically generated by Food Market Hub and sent via whichever messaging app you use. This way, both you and your supplier can manage your order systematically with no more errors in purchasing stocks. Every detail is in one app!

Plus, FMH will help you estimate your demand in supply accurately to prevent you from over-purchasing. Yes, they’ll even identify the amount of food you used. Just imagine how much food cost is saved! And of course, less food wastage. Oh, did we mention they’ll help you choose the right supplier that meets your restaurant’s demand? Talk about convenience!

There’s More To Food Market Hub!

Food Market Hub
Photo: Food Market Hub

There’s more to FMH too! Did you know you can even visualise your cash flow instantly anytime, by integrating your accounting system and save time in data entry with just one app? Well, hello smooth management! No more disturbing your colleagues. Every info you need is just a tap away! And yes, it’ll make managing multiple outlets a piece of cake.

Being a restaurant owner in 2022 is not just about serving food. You’ve got to know how to implement restaurant technology to improve productivity and increase brand awareness in this digital era. Soliciting customers’ feedback and acting accordingly is as important.

Download This App Today!

Although FMH is a Malaysian startup, it is being used by over 6000 F&B outlets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan! Even now, they are expanding to other countries in the region. So if you are interested, just head over here. Fill up your business details, and the team at Food Market Hub will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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