Free Nasi Lemak At A’Decade In Sunway Pyramid For Their Grand Opening On 26 October 2019

Come one, come all for the best of Malaysian food under one roof!

Hello, foodies! Sunway Pyramid is one of the best shopping malls in the Klang Valley because it houses big fashion brands, a supermarket, even a cinema! And of course, a plethora of food restaurants with so many different cuisines! Feeling like eating hawker food without the heat and sweat? You should definitely check out A’Decade in Sunway Pyramid! Their Grand Opening is happening this Saturday on the 26th of October 2019!

Experience The Taste And Flavours Of Malaysia At A’Decade In Sunway Pyramid

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

A’Decade prides themselves on preserving the taste and local flavours of different states of Malaysia. At their restaurant, you can find special dishes from all over Malaysia. For instance, Char Kuey Teow from Penang, Ipoh Hor Fun from Perak, Nyonya Laksa from Melaka and so many more! Considering the fact that we’ve also got different cuisines from three different major races of Malaysia, you can bet that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Not to worry, read below for what we recommend you to try! 

Signature 3 Color Rice with Bumbu Chicken At A’Decade In Sunway Pyramid

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

This is their signature dish and inspiration from all that is Malaysia totally comes through with three different coloured rice and their bumbu chicken! Their bumbu chicken is citrusy, spicy, and absolutely fragrant. Also, the colouring for their rice is completely natural because they use butterfly pea flower for the pop of blue. You can eat and be guaranteed that whatever goes in your tummy is made from scratch!

Char Kuey Teow and Passembur Rojak

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

You can find char kuey teow at the kopitiam or at the warung, but rest assured that it is a Malaysian classic! A’Decade brings some “wok hei” to their version so that you get to enjoy the heat of the wok, after all, that’s the only right way to cook char kuey teow, really.

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

If Westerners have salads then, we Malaysians, have rojak! Nothing beats a good day time snack like Passembur Rojak; at A’Decade, their creamy peanut sauce comes with homemade sambal that has a real spicy kick.

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

Nasi Kerabu with Percik Chicken Chop

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

Nasi kerabu is a traditional dish from Eastern Peninsula Malaysia and we all know it by recognising the amazing colour of blue rice. It’s pretty to look at and we’re sure you’ll love A’Decade’s version of nasi kerabu with chicken-chop style “ayam percik”. Their grilled chicken goes really well with their chilli sauce but most importantly, don’t forget to mix the rice with the variety of herbs and vegetables for the perfect meal!

Prawn Mee and Nyonya Laksa

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

Pictured on the left, you should try their Prawn Mee if you really like a strong prawn-flavoured broth because A’Decade uses pure shrimp stock to make their soup! On the right, be sure to try their Nyonya Laksa that comes with loads of ingredients like fuchuk, tauhu pok, eggs, fresh prawns and cucumber. Also, their laksa broth is a bit on the thick side which makes it even more creamy and satisfying!

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

For Sharing: A’Decade Sharing Platter (4-5 pax)

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

The sharing platter includes: fried chicken whole leg, fried beancurd, chicken satay, keropok, chicken lobak, acar salad, fried fucuk with 3 sauce selections which are lobak chilli, bumbu, and satay sauce. This platter is absolutely delicious and it’s the perfect kind of food that you should eat with your hands to fully enjoy it!

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

For Drinks and Dessert: Coffee Tarik, Nyonya Cendol, Milo Gozilla

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

Your usual go-to would be teh tarik but this time, why not try Coffee Tarik at A’Decade! We can bet that you’ll never want to drink your coffee the same way again because their Coffee Tarik is extra bubbly and airy making it taste so goood. For Milo lovers, you must-try the Milo Gozilla because it’s an absolute guilty pleasure and it’s all of your Milo dreams in a tin cup!

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

Don’t think about travelling down to Melaka for Nyonya Cendol, just have your cendol-fix at A’Decade! Their Nyonya Cendol comes with gula melaka, coconut milk, cendol, corn and of course, big red beans! It’s icy and refreshing, who doesn’t love a good bowl of cendol right?

Grand Opening At Sunway Pyramid Promotion: Free (1) Nasi Lemak With Purchase Of One Main Dish For First 100 Customers On 26 October 2019

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

A’Decade in Sunway Pyramid is having their Grand Opening this Saturday, on the 26th of October 2019 and they’ve got a great promotion just for customers! The first 100 customers will get to enjoy (1) free nasi lemak with a purchase of one main dish on their menu. Grab your friends, be it Chinese, Malay or Indian, everyone can dine at A’Decade!

Photo: KL Foodie (edited)

A’Decade is also a muslim-friendly eatery, all of their ingredients and food are from Halal-certified suppliers. More good news, A’Decade will be having another promotion from the 29th of October until the 1st of November 2019! During this period, they will be giving out free local drinks when people dine-in and order one main dish! So, head to Sunway Pyramid this weekend for some shopping and delicious dining at A’Decade!

Photo: A’Decade Malaysia

Remember to try their Coffee Tarik and Milo Gozilla when you head over from 29th October to 1st November! Those are two of their best-selling drinks and they’re super satisfying! Also, check out their Instagram account for more updates about yummy local delights!


Address: LG 2.52 & LG 2.53, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: Daily; 10AM to 10PM

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