Crying And Celebrating, Frontliners Are Passing The Baton To The Public


RMCO is definitely the kind of development all Malaysians are waiting for. All of us have our own share of grief. Some were separated from their loved ones, and businesses are shutting down left and right. The recent announcement made by our Prime Minister was a clear signal to us that freedom is closing in and we owe this freedom to our dedicated frontliners.

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A Cause To Celebrate

As fellow Malaysians, even if we are not in their shoes, we did our best to understand and assist the frontliners in our own way. We witnessed their hardships and our heart broke when we found out that some even fall on the battlefield. So the sight of these heroes celebrating definitely lifted our spirits.

“Congratulation KKM members and every frontliners in Malaysia. As a Malaysian, I feel very proud. Well done Malaysia.”

Tears Of Relief From Fellow Frontliners

On his social media,Β Dr Ahmad Zakimi Abdullah shared with us some of his most heartbreaking moments on the battlefield. Particularly, when all hopes seemed lost. “The most frightening moment that I had was when we had to perform intubation to possible COVID-19 patients,” He said.

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They couldn’t hold their feelings when they found out that one of their patients was tested positive for COVID-19 and passed away. “At that moment, we looked at each other in silence and our eyes welled up in tears.”

The thought of being in quarantine terrifies them as they know that they won’t be able to serve by then. “We were worried that our Emergency unit will fall. Every time a patient was down with COVID-19, we had to count the staff that was involved.” Dr. Ahmad Zakimi continued.

 medical staff covid-19
Photo: @akhifairuz_ (Twitter)

He also shared a conversation he had with a friend from another hospital who had given up hope. The friend told Dr. Ahmad Zakimi “I’m sorry bro, there’s nothing else we can do. I’m positive myself.” while crying in great grief.

“Praise the god, today we are blessed with the news of RMCO.” Said Dr. Ahmad Zakimi. This was a picture of his spontaneous reaction upon hearing the good news.

 medical staff covid-19
Photo: @akhifairuz_ (Twitter)

Stay Vigilant

Although we are winning this war, we still have to be careful. Let’s practice the new norm suggested by KKM:

  1. Avoid 3C (Crowded place, Confined space & Close conversation)
Photo: @MyHEALTHKKM (Twitter)

2. Practice 3WΒ (Wash, Wear & Warn)

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3. Continue to obey S.O.P

4. Download the MySejahtera App

MySejahtera app
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Thank you!!

Photo: @ilhaaammz (Twitter)

From the bottom of our hearts, we are very grateful to be in a big loving family. Let’s continue to support each other and obtain our absolute victory from the pandemic. RMCO will end on the 31st of August and it definitely brings a whole new meaning to our Independence Day.

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