This Indian Barber Shop In Klang Gave 120 Haircuts In 2 Hours Within The First Day Of Reopening

Efficiency At Its Peak

Today marks the first day of the reopening of hair salons and barber shops, and people are rushing to get their haircuts. Take this story from Sin Chew Daily for example – Indian barber shop ‘Lucky Star’ in Klang completed 120 haircuts in 2 hours, with just 3 barbers! This is an amazing feat considering they had to operate under strict standard operating procedures.


Barber Shops And Hair Salons Will Be Charging Additional Fees

Photo: Sin Chew Daily

Hairdressing salons and barber shops will be charging an additional fee of around RM5 – RM10 to cover expenses for a new set of disposable protective equipment. Every piece of robe given to you will be new and clean. Some barber shops may utilize cheaper robes for around RM3, which is currently priced at Lucky Star.

Photo: Sin Chew Daily

According to a reporter from Sin Chew Daily, this barber shop had followed standard operating procedures set by the government. For example, the store only allowed a maximum of 3 customers inside, while the rest waited outside. The store also gave priority to senior members from 9AM to 11AM.

For more information on the new S.O.P for haircuts, check it out here.

Source: Sin Chew Daily, Malay Mail

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