This Spot In KL Serves Unique Japanese-Hakka Ramen Like Coriander Century Egg Ramen & More

Chewy-dewy noodles, comforting hot soup, daily-essential rice, and some real good snacks…if one of these ticks what you are looking for, then this is a sign for you to visit this noodle house that has it all! Serving Japanese inspired dishes with a local Hakka twist, Fusion Man Noodle will bring you on a gastronomic journey that feels like home to your taste buds.


Serving One-Of-A-Kind Japanese-Hakka Fusion Comfort Food In KL

Nestled in the neighbourhood of Kuchai Lama, Fusion Man Noodles offers a clean and comfortable dining environment for visitors to enjoy their food. Not only suitable for a gathering with friends, the seats at the restaurant are also friendly for solo visitors!

Noodles With Unique Flavours

Bringing the Hakka twist to the Japanese dishes, you will find unique flavours and out-of-the-box dishes that symbolise the Fusion Man Noodle’s identity. The restaurant serves different noodles including Japanese Kyushu ramen with traditional local flavours that descend from the Hakka cuisines. Boasting a spread of options to choose from the menu, here are some that we’ve tried:

fusion man noodle

Volcano Ramen

The name itself is already intriguing, Volcano Ramen. This dish does lives up to its name and will give you a burst of hot fire, look at how red the dish is! Prep with spicy pork broth, this ramen is served with char siew, pork mince, and a special skewer of jackfruit. It’s new to see jackfruit in a dish and you will find the sweetness of this fruit soothing to tone down the crazy spiciness of this dish. If you are up for a spicy ramen challenge, do give this a try!

Coriander Century Egg Ramen


It’s either love or hate for this one. If you love coriander, this is definitely made for you! Topped with a generous amount of coriander, this pork broth Kyushu ramen served with century egg and charsiew is a must-try for coriander lovers. Fill your spoon with lots of coriander, some century egg and the chewy ramen for the best burst of flavours.

Drunken Lala Meehoon


On rainy days, you will want to try the Drunken Lala Meehoon as it is the best to warm your body. Served with lala and meehoon, this dish is made with pepper pork broth and homebrew rice wine that brings out the sweetness within. The rice wine is not too strong to make you drunk but the broth is addictive as it gives you warmth.

fusion man noodle

fusion man noodleToban Dry Noodle


Up next is the Toban Dry Noodle that mustn’t be missed! The Toban Dry Noodle is made with a special bean paste sauce that blends well with the noodles. The best part is mixing the pork mince, pork lard and noodles up and pairing it with the slice of charsiew, just perfect.

All-Time-Favourite Rice

Other than noodles, rice meals are also on the menu at Fusion Man Noodle.

fusion man noodle

fusion man noodleKaisen Pepper Pao Fan

Growing up in an Asian family, we bet you’ve mixed rice in your soup before! This Kaisen Pepper Pao Fan is served in the exact concept with rice immersed in the white pepper soup. What makes this dish better are also the tiger prawns and lala as toppings!

fusion man noodle

fusion man noodleMentai Cheese Tamago Rice

Who doesn’t like Japanese mentaiko sauce? This Mentai Cheese Tamago Rice has savoury mentaiko sauce and melted cheese topping the multi-layer Tamago egg. The patience takes to make these thick layers of Tamago egg is surely worth it as each bite is so satisfying! There are also some pork mince and pork lard for you to mix with the rice.

Must-Try Snacks Like No Other

Besides the main dishes, snacks are also what you can look forward to at this restaurant!

fusion man noodle

fusion man noodleMentai Charsiew Bun

If you are looking for something light but fulfilling, the Mentai Charsiew Bun it is. With a slice of charsiew, crispy onion strips, crunchy pork lard and a generous pour of mentaiko sauce sandwiched between the fried buns, this is a satisfying snack you should try!

fusion man noodle

fusion man noodleMentai Scallop Fuchuk

Another satisfying bite is the Mentai Scallop Fuchuk. This snack is served with a scallop on top of the fried bean curd strip with mentaiko sauce, pork lard and cucumber as dressing. Get ready to love how tasty this combo tastes!

Visit Fusion Man Noodles To Get Your Daily Comfort Meal

Overall, interesting fusions and unique flavours are what you can look forward to at Fusion Man Noodle at Kuchai Lama. The noodles, special broths and mouthwatering toppings like the hand-sliced charsiew, fried pork lard, lala, scallops, and even tiger prawns, all deserve a try from all foodies!

Check out the restaurant and enjoy, foodies!

fusion man noodle

Fusion Man Noodle 

Address: 17-G, Jalan 1/114, Off, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 9pm (Closed on Monday)

Contact: 012 588 3281

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

Status: Non-Halal

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