5 Eateries To Order From To Spice Up Your Dinner Plans This Month, With Up To RM7 Off!

Chances are, the question ‘What should we eat?’ has probably come up in conversation on more than one occasion when dinnertime approaches. And that is a problem only further complicated by the range of choices that we Malaysians are lucky enough to enjoy.


If you find yourself standing at a crossroads for your dinner plans this month, then have no fear! We’ve made a point of compiling a list of top 5 eateries that you should order from GrabFood to spice up your dinner plans this month. (Oh, did we mention you’ll also get to enjoy an additional discount of up to RM7 off your total bill too?)

1. An Viet 

We mentioned spicing things up, so go forth and venture into Saigon and Hanoi when you order your next meal from the Vietnamese restaurant chain, An Viet. 

Appropriately translated from Vietnamese into English as ‘Eat Viet’, their claim to fame is in serving Vietnamese cuisine that is simply ‘2good2waste’. For a hearty meal, go for their Grilled Pork Chop Rice tenderised with papaya juice and grilled to a caramel crisp. Pair it with a traditional Vietnamese artichoke tea that is rich in antioxidants and caffeine-free, perfect for unwinding after a long day at work. 

2. Dave’s Deli

Founded all the way back in 1989 by David and Maureen Chin, Dave’s Deli has since become a household name for casual dining with outlets across the Klang Valley. 

If this is your first time ordering from Dave’s Deli, do order their classic Dave’s Original ¼ Roast Chicken, marinated in 8 different herbs and spices for a whopping 24-hours for a truly juicy mouth-feel in every bite. Each plate is served with coleslaw, roasted vegetables, and a buttery portion of fluffy mashed potatoes, drizzled with ‘magic’ gravy. Yum! 


3. Madam Kwan’s 

And speaking of popular Malaysian restaurants, let us turn our attention to one of the true icons of local cuisine: Madam Kwan! Naturally, her restaurant needs almost no introduction, featuring a whirlwind of local delights that have satisfied many happy bellies.


One of their most enduring classics is arguably their Nasi Lemak, which received a nod from the Ministry of Tourism as the country’s ‘Best Nasi Lemak’ back in 2010. Fluffy rice cooked in coconut milk is paired with a sambal that is neither too spicy nor sweet, and served with a rich chicken curry that begs to be savoured till the very last bite. Served with cucumber slices, fried peanuts and anchovies, and you’re all set! 

4. GO Noodle House

Going for noodles? Then just Go Noodle House! Introduced all the way back in 2014, the brand adapted their noodle recipe based upon one that was handed down through generations to one of their founders from a Qing Dynasty Imperial chef.  


History aside, each bowl of satisfaction is cooked in a sweet broth rich with umami goodness and can be paired with your choice of protein, whether it be fish balls, beef balls, squid balls, or our favourite, their Bursting Meatballs. But chew with caution! They really do burst with flavour in your mouth, literally!

5. Plan B 

You know what they always say about making plans; always have a Plan B. Parked under The BIGGroup, Plan B restaurant was conceived on the premise of an eternal summer, perfect for both long brunches that stretch into the afternoon or quick grab-and-go bites. 

Since we’re talking about spicing-up dinner, we’d suggest going straight for their popular ‘Golden Sarawak Laksa’, which is prepared with a recipe that stays as true to tradition as possible, down to the flavourful broth that doesn’t skimp on that seafood umami sweetness. 

Grab up to RM7 off your total bill with GrabFood Flash Sale!

Right, now onto that discount we mentioned earlier! As part of GrabFood’s Flash Sale campaign, you’ll be able to enjoy up to RM7 off your total bill with a minimum spend of RM16 when you order from any of the eateries above, alongside over 3,000 other participating vendors! 

The promotion is valid for up to 3 uses per account, and is not valid for Self Pick-Up orders. So kick back and let your Grab rider handle the heavy lifting for you! 

But be sure to act fast, as the Flash Sale campaign is only available for a limited time only! Deals will be available on GrabFood from March 18th to March 24th. You can even enjoy lower delivery fees when you select ‘Saver Delivery’ upon checkout, too. 

So what are your dinner plans this evening? 

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