GSC Pavilion KL Is Closing Down And Dadi Cinema From China Is Said To Open In Late 2020

Out With The Old And In With The New


  • Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) at Pavilion KL is closing down.
  • Operations will cease from 17 February 2020 onwards.
  • Dadi Cinema, a Chinese cinema brand is said to open in the third quarter of this year.

Amid all of our food content that probably makes you drool, we are here to report some non-food related news. This article is for cinema goers because we are sad to say that GSC at Pavilion KL will be closing down. GSCinemas at Pavilion KL has been operating for over 12 years, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

GSC Closes Down Its Outlet At Pavilion KL And Operations Will Cease On 17 Feb 2020

Photo: Google Images

Announced on Feb 6, GSCinemas’ official Facebook page, the 12-year old cinema outlet at Pavilion KL will cease operations on 17 February 2020. This would mean that the official last day of operations would be on 16 February 2020. Following the announcement, GSCinemas also took the time to express their gratitude to cinema-goers for their endless support.

Photo: GSCinemas (Facebook)

Dadi Cinema From China Will Soon Open At Pavilion KL In Late 2020

Photo: China Film Insider (Google Images)

If your go-to cinema place is at Pavilion KL, fret not, because another cinema chain is set to open in the third quarter of this year. The brand new cinema, Dadi Cinema, is a Chinese brand that will replace our beloved GSCinemas. Pavilion KL also confirms the news of this new cinema opening on their official Facebook page.

Photo: Pavilion KL (Facebook)

There you have it, that’s all for now. Yes, we are all a little upset that GSCinemas is closing their outlet at Pavilion KL. But, as the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. And true enough, there will soon be a brand new cinema. Are you looking forward to experiencing the new Dadi Cinema? Let us know in the comments!

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