MR.DIY Is Giving Away Free Mask Without Minimum Purchase From Today Onwards

Prevention Is Better Than Cure


  • MR.DIY is giving away 1 piece of free face mask per person.
  • Available all MR.DIY outlets throughout Malaysia.
  • No minimum purchase is needed.
  • UPDATE: The starting date is yet to be confirmed, but we will keep you updated.

UPDATE: In regards to this news, MR.DIY has removed this post as the face masks are still being delivered to each outlet. So it’s better to wait until we keep you updated with the starting day.

As new cases of the most recent Coronavirus mushrooms, there hasn’t been an official cure to treat this new virus, which has already taken away 493 innocent lives. As the government tries to control the spread of this infectious virus, it’s important to protect yourself at an individual level. And the best way to do that is yet to wear a mask. Just today, MR.DIY released heartwarming news that it would give away 1 pc of free mask without minimum purchase.

MR.DIY Is Giving Away Free Mask Without Minimum Purchase

Photo: @pasaratom (Instagram)

As pharmacies run out of masks and hand sanitisers during this critical period, MR.DIY released an official posting on their Facebook that they will be giving away 1 pc of free mask to everyone. Even if you don’t buy anything from them. Available in all their outlets throughout Malaysia, it’s time to take care of your health from now onwards and wear a mask!

Photo: @scmpnews (Instagram)

If you’re still unsure how to wear a face mask correctly, let us guide you through it. There are two sides to a mask, one coloured and one in white. Just remember that the coloured side has to face the outer side so that it can block away up to 70% of germs and bacteria in the air!

Photo: chrischaing (Instagram)
Photo: @chlochlonutagram (Instagram)

Furthermore, you can identify the top edge of the mask by locating the thin metal strip. Gently push the metal strip to the sides of your nose to cover up any spaces and you’re good to go! Just like a caring mother, we would like to again remind you to drink more water, avoid any crowded area and wear a protective face mask when you’re outside! Stay healthy and see you in the next post.

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