Here’s A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Check The Halal Status In Malaysia Online

So that you know it's safe for you and your family

Hello friends! It is a constant struggle for Muslims to find products or food premises that have properly received Halal certificates. Of course we can always ask, but sometimes asking can be hard as well. Furthermore, not every eatery or product flashes their Halal stickers properly. So what can you do? Well, here’s a simple step by step guide on how you can check the Halal status online.


4 Easy Steps To Check Halal Status In Malaysia

Step 1:

Click here to be directed to Halal Malaysia Official Portal.

Step 2:

Choose your state.

Step 3:

Choose the category.

Step 4:

Type in the name of eatery, brand, product or etc.


Additionally, you can also click on the categories here to look at the existing list if your search turned out blank.

Hope This Helps!

As you can see, the website allows you to search on other categories as well such as cosmetics and even animal fur! Now that you know these simple steps, make sure to share this little piece of information around okay?


Link(s): Website

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