Häagen-Dazs Rolled Out Adorable BTS Character TinyTAN-Inspired Premium Collectibles Starting 11.11

Together is better

Turns out, famous ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs is currently collaborating with BTS character TinyTAN to produce special premium collectibles. This definitely gets us fired up especially since each one of the items is super adorbs to the max!


TinyTAN | Häagen-Dazs 

In a rallying cry that “Together is Better”, Häagen-Dazs announced an exciting partnership with TinyTAN (a group of lovable characters created from the seven members of BTS). Thus, making us one of the lucky few to get our hands on the collectibles.

These special premiums include fire products such as; key chains, cooler bags, and ice-cream spoons with adorable illustrations of TinyTAN. Available through the purchase of Häagen-Dazs’s special-edition, festive ice cream line-up.

Häagen-Dazs™  TinyTAN Minicup Multipacks

Feeling adventurous? Then why not indulge in Häagen-Dazs™ TinyTAN Minicup Multipacks? There are two options to choose from and each comes with different flavoured mini-cups. Buy this for RM34.50 and you will get one of the TinyTAN special-edition keychains.

Chocoholic Moments – consisting of Häagen-DazsTM newest festive flavour, the Dark Chocolate Ganache & Almond Ice Cream, as well as Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.


Favourite Selection brings together a myriad of all-time favourites such as Caramel Biscuit & Cream Ice Cream, Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream, Macadamia Nut Ice Cream, and Coffee Ice Cream.

Häagen-Dazs™  TinyTAN Minicup Party Pack

You can’t really have a party without ice cream and this Häagen-Dazs™ TinyTAN Minicup Party Pack is exactly what you need. Go big and treat your guests with a Party Pack of 10 mini cups, consisting of Häagen-Dazs top-selling Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla, Macadamia Nut, and Strawberry flavours, as well as the brand-new Dark Chocolate Ganache & Almond Ice Cream.


As you can see friends, the ice cream minicups come in this darling special edition TinyTAN cooler bag completely raided by TinyTAN characters and bubbly pink and purple accents. It’s so cute, you can almost swear that they are looking at you straight in the eyes! Additionally, you can get this at an affordable price of RM89.

Häagen-Dazs™ TinyTAN Special Edition Ice Cream Bites

Meanwhile, Häagen-Dazs actually thought of the perfect gift for ice cream lovers! A special-edition Ice Cream Bites, featuring all seven characters of TinyTAN on individual ice-cream cakes. Honestly, they kinda look like mooncakes and that’s an added bonus.


The collection consists of seven handcrafted Häagen-Dazs™ indulgent ice cream bites, carefully coated with purple coloured chocolate, and topped with a crunchy chocolate plate in TinyTAN character print. Each character represents a different flavour:

RM (Chocolate)

Jin (Macadamia Nut)

SUGA (Coffee)

j-hope (Caramel Biscuit & Cream)

Jimin (Vanilla)

V (Strawberry)

Jung Kook (Cookies & Cream)

Needless to say that these specially made tidbits will be available in stores for RM198. 

Find It On The Shelves Now

You know the drill folks. You can start scavenging for these special products starting today and you better be swifty because sweet deals like this usually get sold out fast.

Promotion Date: Starting 11th November 2020

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