This Halal Food Manga Is Incredibly Adorable And It Features Our Beloved Malaysian Food

Beaming with pride!

Being a Muslim in a non-Islamic country isn’t easy. The most concerning issue will be where and how to get halal food daily and this manga is exactly about that. Revolving around siblings of different countries (Malaysia and Japan), this wholesome manga will steal your soul in a heartbeat.

halal food manga
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Halal Food With Me And My Little Brothers

halal food manga
Photo: @mangaowl

Or also known as 僕とおとうとのハラルご飯 (Boku To Otouto No halal Gohan) was written and drawn by a Japanese mangaka Misuji Yamamoto. The story revolves around three quirky brothers who were born in different countries (Japan and Malaysia) but love and respected each other as much as any family would. The story also briefly explores the polygamy lifestyle of a Muslim.

halal food manga
Photo: @mangaowl

Enjoy the daily life of Riku and his two half-brothers, Irfan and Mikha, as they explore halal food in Japan. Upon reading, you will quickly understand the difficulties of finding halal-certified food in Japan’s supermarket. (Besides falling hard for these darling characters of course.)

Placing Malaysian Dishes In The Center Stage

halal food manga
Photo: @mangaowl

Not only do the kids have to cook their own food daily, they even served and roughly give out recipes of Malaysian dishes in the manga. Ayam goreng, sambal terung, and sambal okra were among the first few dishes that were introduced in the manga. The story is still ongoing and updates will be much slower for English language readers. However, here’s the link to Manga Owl just in case you still want to read it, and the link to Pixiv for you Japanese language readers.

hall food manga
Photo: @mangaowl

Can’t Wait For More!

Apparently the mangaka will update the manga twice in a month but we will only be served with 2-3 pages each time. It’s not much but every chapter is just as wholesome as the ones before. It’s exciting to wonder which Malaysian dish that will be featured next. Hopefully, this manga will help us foster stronger bonds with Japan. What do you think of this manga? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below ya!

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