Nasi Kukus Tonggek Adds 2 New Tasty Flavours To Their Menu, Including Butter Spicy & Spicy OMG

Can You Handle The Heat?

Hello, foodies! If you love all things spicy then we have good news just for you! Today, it’s all about the heat (spiciness) and this place won’t disappoint. Famously known as – Nasi Kukus Tonggek, this Muslim-owned eatery serves delicious Nasi Kukus and you’re going to love their new flavours – Butter Spicy and Spicy OMG!


Every Spicy Lover’s Dream Come True At Nasi Kukus Tonggek

Photo: @nasikukustonggek (Instagram)

Nasi Kukus Tonggek has several outlets all over the Klang Valley. In addition, every outlet is usually packed with people. This is because their Nasi Kukus is deliciously spicy and so many locals enjoy it! We made a visit to their outlet at Dpulze Shopping Centre in Cyberjaya and it is safe to say that we will be going back. Plus, we also tried two of their new flavours and we assure you that it is every spicy lover’s dream come true!


New: Nasi Kukus Tonggek Butter Spicy

Calling all butter chicken lovers because this is your classic favourite with a new twist – a spicy twist. Introducing their new flavour: Butter Spicy, this flavour is their usual butter chicken but sambal belacan is mixed into it. Unsure about butter chicken and sambal belacan? Trust us, it is so tasty and when you eat it together with their Nasi Kukus and Kuah Gulai, it becomes the perfect combo!

New: Spicy OMG

Red, hot, and spicy – their new Spicy OMG flavour is not for the faint-hearted. This new flavour packs a punch because it is loaded with their delicious sambal belacan. Perfect for a lunch time meal, there’s something about spicy fried chicken that leaves us wanting more of it. This dish also comes with their fragrant Nasi Kukus with Kuah Gulai, extra sambal belacan on the side, and some fresh cucumbers. Yum!

Other Nasi Kukus Tonggek Dishes You Must-Try

Photo: @nasikukustonggek (Instagram)

With a menu of a total of nine (9) different flavours, there’s definitely something for everyone. Every plate of Nasi Kukus comes with Kuah Gulai, a meat/ protein of your choice, sambal belacan, and fresh cucumbers. Moreover, you can order it as a set and it comes with a drink choice of Sirap or Sarsi.


Bestseller: Nasi Kukus Tonggek Ayam

Bestseller: Nasi Kukus Tonggek Sotong King

Bestseller: Nasi Kukus Tonggek Salted Egg


“Goncang 5 Kali” To Get Delicious Nasi Kukus Onto Your Plate

Do you enjoy playing with your food? If you do, this is your chance to do it when you dine at Nasi Kukus Tonggek. Firstly, you have to “shake” or “goncang” your food out of a canister and let delicious Kuah Gulai cover the fragrant Nasi Kukus. And, having to do it five times, it’s definitely an experience for first-timers at their restaurant. But, it is fun and the food’s delicious so, what are you waiting for? Head on over and check them out!

They Have Outlets All Over The Klang Valley


They have multiple outlets all over Klang Valley so you can definitely make a visit to the nearest one to you. They have outlets at; Bangi Square, The Port Damansara, Aeon Shah Alam, Aeon IOI Mall Puchong, Aeon Sunway Pyramid, and Dpuzle Cyberjaya. See the link below for the full list of outlets.

Nasi Kukus Tonggek 

Address: Multiple outlets, see here

Status: Muslim-friendly

Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram 

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