This Is How Japan Handles Drunk Drivers And Malaysia Should Take Note

Recently, 4 deaths caused by drunk drivers were recorded in the duration of 5 days. Causing great grief to a lot of people. This has to stop. Liquor or alcoholic drink exists in every corner in the world but how each country handles it changes the outcome. Malaysia is a country with multiple races and religions so the idea of banning alcohol altogether might be far fetched. However, we should definitely consider adopting the strict approaches done in Japan.
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Drinking Culture In Japan

A Twitter user that goes by the name Fitri Yusof (@drfitriyusof) recently shared his experiences with Japan’s drinking culture. Emphasizing that Japanese and liquor are inseparable but they are doing great at keeping it in check.

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In Japan, booze is a must-have in every festivity or event. Be it the traditional liquor (sake, 酒) or the modern liquor (beer, ビール). They will also host a Nomikai (飲み会) or a drinking session, every time there are new members joining university or at work. This is how they get to know each other in an organization. Drinkers will routinely choose beer while Muslims, non-drinkers, or those that haven’t reach the age of 19 can choose Ginger Ale or Orange Juice.

Strict Penalties

The group usually travels to more than 2 eateries. And by the end of each Nomikai, each person is obligated to grab a taxi or ride on public transportation (densha toka). As most people will get drunk on Friday night, the police will do a check-up on drivers every Friday evening.

drunk drivers
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Japan is very strict with its penalty on drunk drivers. You don’t even have to be involved in an accident to get thrown in jail. Drivers with 0.15mg per 1L breath (Driving Under Influence, DUI) will be subjected up to 3 years in jail and fined up 500k Yen! Drunk drivers (Driving While Intoxicated, DWI) can get up to 5 years in jail and fined 1 million Yen!
You will also get in trouble for being their passenger or even if you lend the car to them. Charged for being associated with the crime. Now, what do you think would happen to the DUI or DWI drivers that caused accidents? If the accident caused injuries or death, be prepared to spend the rest of your 15 or 20 years respectively behind bars. Even bicycles are considered vehicles. So drunk cycling is a crime as well.

Even Booze Vendors Are Strict

Another netizen added to the thread that even restaurants are strict. Upon seated, the waiter will ask you to fill a form if you are going to drink. The restaurant will refuse to serve alcohol to drunk driving customers. The customers will have to declare whether they will get drunk or not that night.

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Customers even have to explain how they will travel back home. Among the solutions that they will take are:

  • Public transportation.
  • Walk back home.
  • Getting picked up by their partner.
  • Take turns to drive. In this case, one person in the group will not drink booze for the night.
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Adapt and Adopt
What Malaysia need are stricter laws that can control the predicaments of being drunk. Where and when can a person get drunk. Getting drinkers to use public transportation can also be beneficial to the economy. Meanwhile, if you are planning to get drunk, practice extreme caution to make sure that you don’t have to drive afterward. Remember that you are not only endangering yourself but other road users as well.

Source: English Lawyers Japan

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