Ichiran Ramen Pop-Up At Isetan KLCC To Feature 100% Tonkotsu Free (Pork-Free) Ramen

Good News!

Ichiran Ramen will be featuring their Pork-Free Ramen (100% Tonkotsu Free Ramen) during their pop-up at Isetan KLCC.



  • Ichiran Ramen will debut the Pork-Free Ramen next month
  • The recipe is a result of 20 years of research by the team

Happy Friday friends! We’ve made it to the end of another week so huge kudos to each and every one of you! This week, we’ve received news that the infamous Ichiran Ramen will be setting up a pop-up for the first time in Malaysia. And as excited as we were when we found out, you guys showed some love for it too. Well, in addition to that great news, we have more up our sleeves. Because Ichiran Ramen will also be featuring their 100% Tonkotsu Free Ramen during the pop-up. Woohoo!

Ichiran Ramen To Debut 100% Pork-Free Ramen At Isetan KLCC

Okay, we’re not gonna be delving into the origins of Ichiran Ramen because we’ve already done that. Instead, we’re going to spread the news about their latest creation; the 100% Tonkotsu Free Ramen. The main reason behind this new recipe is that there are some of us who love Ramen but are unable to attempt it because the broth is made from Tonkotsu.

Ichiran Ramen KL Pop Up
Photo: @IchiranNY (Facebook)

This time around, they’ve heard us and decided to also feature the 100% Tonkotsu Free Ramen during their pop-up. So, friends, we will now have the opportunity to consume a 100% pork-free ramen by Ichiran Ramen! Don’t worry though, because this is a bowl of ramen that rivals their Classic Tonkotsu Ramen in quality and flavor. Also, the pork-free ramen recipe is a collective effort that took 20 years to develop.

Ichiran Ramen Pork Free Ramen
Photo: @IchiranNY (Instagram)
Ichiran Ramen Pork Free Ramen
Photo: IchiranRamen

The bowl of 100% Tonkotsu Free Ramen consists of Scallions, Kikurage Mushrooms and a pinch of Original Spicy Red Seasoning. Meaning that instead of the usual Tonkotsu slices on our bowl of ramen, it will instead feature the  Kikurage Mushrooms. This means that everyone will also get to try out Ichiran Ramen next month! Oh, and there will only be 500 servings per day so make sure you make your way there early.

Ichiran Ramen Pork Free Ramen
Photo: @eats_n_deets (Instagram)

Now on to more good news! Ichiran Ramen is also renowned for their Ramen Focus Booth, which is essentially a quiet space for all of us to slurp our bowls of Ramen with minimal distractions. And during their pop-up in Malaysia, they will also set up these booths so that we get the ultimate Ichiran Ramen experience.

Ichiran Ramen Pork Free Ramen
Photo: @IchiranNY (Facebook)

Mark Your Calendar!

That’s all from us! We hope this news is as slurp-worthy as their Ramen. Also, see you guys during their debut pop-up!

Date:13th March 2020 – 22nd of March 2020

Location: Isetan KLCC, 201A-C, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Social Media: Instagram 

Source: Press Release

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