This Hotpot Restaurant in KL Offers A Unique Experience With Pork Tripe Chicken Stew

Imperial Taste is a new hotpot restaurant in Kuchai Lama that serves a unique pork tripe stew with kampung chicken! While they do have usual broths like spicy mala, mushroom, or tomato soup, you don’t want to miss out on this special recipe pork tripe with kampung chicken soup base that comes with the option of Original, Coconut, Cordyceps Flower, as well as Specialty Mushroom series with Himematsutake, Velvet Mushroom, and Shaggy Mane Mushroom. A common misconception is that pork tripe chicken soup was known as spicy soup or 辣汤 but the offering here will be a totally different experience!


Imperial Taste Signature Broths And Homemade Sauces

When it comes to their signature pork tripe stew with kampung chicken, you can either get it in original signature flavor, with option to enhance the flavor with their specialty series such as Coconut, Cordyceps Flower, or with specially imported mushroom such as Himematsutake, Velvet Mushroom, and Shaggy Mane Mushroom! To make this broth, pork bones, tripe and female kampung chicken are boiled for a few hours and then prepared with ginseng, evaporated milk, Chinese wine and more aromatics before serving. They specifically use only female kampung chicken as they are meatier and tasted better!

Cordyceps Flower, Coconut, Himematsutake

On top of their homemade broth recipe, their signature sauces such as Secret Chili Sauce, Signature Garlic Sauce, Lau Gan Ma (black bean chilli), and Chili Oil are also homemade too! Local favourites such as sweet sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seed, peanut etc are available for you to adjust the sauce to your liking. Coriander lovers may request some of the fragrant chopped greens to mix it up together in a bowl and pair it with your favourite hotpot dishes!

Meats, Seafood, Specialty Dishes And More


From imported Australian beef to fresh seafood and specialty handmade dishes – they offer a huge variety of side dishes to choose from. When it comes to meat, they have specially ordered Australian Snow Beef and Iberico Pork Neck freshly sliced before serving.

Australian Snow Beef

Hotpot is never complete without handmade meat pastes! Over here, they offer Pork Meatballs made with minced pork and black fungus, Shrimp Paste, and Chicken Paste that’s tender and tasty with spices.

Handmade Pork Meatball
Handmade Chicken Paste and Handmade Prawn Paste

Of course, seafood is also a must with hotpot. Imperial Taste recommends ordering their Tiger prawns which come with 8 large pieces, and a selection of succulent sea fish such as Red Snapper or Pearl Grouper, or river fish such as the Patin Fillet that’s naturally sweet and tender.

Tiger Prawn & Patin Fish

You can also pair your meal with their Handmade White Noodles which are springy and slippery in texture, or the Claypot 3-Variety Waxed Meat Rice that comes with chinese sausage, liver sausage, and waxed meat.

Handmade White Noodle

Complete Your Meal With Yogurt Desserts And Free Flow Ice Cream

In collaboration with Seven Sips Yogurt | Tea, they offer freshly store-made yogurt bowls and drinks along with Malaysian favourites such as Cheesy Fruit Tea, Brown Sugar Bubble Tea, Matcha Latte, Valrhona Chocolate, and much more! Besides that, you can also enjoy complimentary fresh fruit and free-flow ice cream for all hotpot customers too. Enjoy foodies!


PS: Show this article to the restaurant staff and enjoy 1 pot Chinese tea (worth up to RM8) or 1 jug 1.5L of herbal tea of the day (worth RM9).

Not applicable with other on-going promotion & discount.

Imperial Taste

Address: No.21, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Hours: 11AM – 10:30PM (Mon-Thu)
11AM – 11PM (Fri – Sun)

Contact: 01156276801

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram

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