This Burger Joint Uses Indomie Instant Noodles As Toppings & It Actually Looks Really Good


  • A burger joint in Australias has combined two favourite late-night snacks.
  • Introducing “Slide Indomie’s DMs”, a burger with Indomie toppings.
  • Available in Suzie Dukes Burger + Grill.

Despite not being a local food, burgers are Malaysians’ favourite. Imagine queuing up for your favourite street burger at night with your friends. It is the best feeling ever – nothing hits the spot more than a good old Ramly burger. What else is perfect for a late-night snack? Well, how about Indomie instant noodles with a fried egg on top? Here’s where Australians can get the best of both worlds!

Indomie Instant Noodles In A Burger

Photo: @suzie.dukes (Instagram)

Discovered via First We Feast, Suzie Dukes Burger + Grill is a hot topic among netizens for its out of this world creation. Apart from Indomie instant noodles, this creation, fondly known as ‘Slide Indomie’s DMs’, is painstakingly combined with other ingredients. Find Siracha Mayo, Suzie Duke’s fried chicken, fried egg, and shallots nicely sandwiched between two house-baked buns.

Photo: @suzie.dukes (Instagram)

Naturally, this creation receives a mixed reaction among netizens due to the combination. However, a netizen who had tried it mentioned that it was really good. Apart from this burger, Suzie Dukes Burger + Grill offers other appetising burger creations such as burgers with stacks of fried chicken patties, hash brown, pancakes (!!), and house-baked milk buns (!!).

Currently Available In Australia

Photo: @suzie.dukes (Instagram)

This interesting burger is currently available at Suzie Dukes Burger + Grill, located in the heart of Australia. Well, we’re sure that it is not very hard for Malaysians to duplicate this burger, considering that most of the ingredients are available in the country for an affordable price. Will you be trying to create this burger over the weekends? Let us know in the comments!

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