JUST IN: Abdullah Hukum LRT And KTM Stations Now Connected To The Gardens Mall Via Pedestrian Link Bridge

Skip finding a carpark, use the LRT and head to Mid Valley directly!

Greetings, foodies! We have a major public service announcement that’ll make your day! For those of you who have struggled with waiting for the KTM (god, it takes so long doesn’t it) to Mid Valley, this news is specially for you! The much awaited pedestrian link bridge to The Gardens Mall officially opens today and we can now head to Mid Valley Megamall without the hassle of using the KTM!


Direct Pedestrian Link Bridge Connects Abdullah Hukum LRT & KTM Stations To The Gardens Mall

Photo: The Gardens Mall (Facebook)

The brand new pedestrian link bridge is finally open and it looks really good too! Before this, the only way to Mid Valley via public transport was to use the KTM, stop at the Abdullah Hukum KTM Station and walk to the mall. Or, one had to use the LRT and change trains to the KTM to reach Mid Valley.

Photo: WKX 076 (YouTube)

But now, it’s so much more convenient with the link bridge that connects The Gardens Mall and the Abdullah Hukum LRT and KTM Stations. This gives us more reasons to use public transport since it’s direct now! You don’t have to spend time looking for a parking spot, just use the LRT and walk right into the shopping mall!

New Pedestrian Link Bridge Now Connects Commuters To Mid Valley Megamall Via The Gardens

Check out this video recorded by a netizen showing the new pedestrian link bridge that connects directly to The Gardens Mall. As you can see, it’s quite a walk but at the end, you arrive directly in the shopping mall. This also means that you can walk into Mid Valley Megamall via The Gardens Mall (we’re pretty sure that most of you know how to do that already). 

The Gardens Mall Officially Opens Pedestrian Link Bridge To Abdullah Hukum LRT And KTM Stations

There you have it, that’s all the good news we have for now. A walk a day keeps the doctor away, right? We hope that many of you find this new pedestrian link bridge useful and cheers to The Gardens Mall for finally opening it! Major tip: Access the link bridge on the First Floor of The Gardens Mall (South Side, near ISETAN)! 

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Feature image credit: (Left) WKX 076 (YouTube), (Right) The Gardens Mall (Instagram)

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