Grand Ion Delemen Hotel @ Genting Highlands: Immersive Dining Experience At Dinetopia And Insta-Worthy Flower Wall At Fairy Tales Cafe

A total 360° cinematic culinary journey just for you!

Hello, foodies! We know how much you love your hawker stall runs and mamak visits but, sometimes we need a change in scenery from our usual go-to’s. Well, we have the perfect place for you to experience something new. The Grand Ion Delemen Hotel in Genting Highlands invites you to Dinetopia, an immersive visual dining experience that’s sure to wow you!


Delight Yourself With A Multi-Sensory Dining Experience At Dinetopia In Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

Where you eat matters just as much as what you eat, and at Dinetopia, it’s a feast for your senses. Being Malaysia’s First Immersive Dining Experience with Dual Space Mapping, it has a large capacity to host up to 64 people per session. This place is perfect for company events, private parties and any special occasions!

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

Let us explain why your eyes and your palate are going on a cinematic culinary journey at Dinetopia. It is because both the food and visuals represent a fusion of Malaysia’s culture and traditions. Dinetopia’s stunning visuals are inspired by Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures. The experience will take you on an immersive journey to see and taste each culture in its own uniqueness.

Enjoy A 4-Course Meal And Let Dinetopia Captivate Your Senses

Photos: KL Foodie

The 4-course meal at Dinetopia includes an appetiser, soup, main course, and of course, dessert! The appetiser and soup will feature Indian-themed visuals and performances. And, the main course session will feature a Malay-themed atmosphere in kampung-style visuals. Last but not the least, dessert will delight you with a underwater Chinese-themed cinematic visual. View their menu here.

Appetiser: Asian Ceviche Of Baby Abalone

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

The first course is no doubt visually stunning but it also tastes amazing! Tantalise your taste buds with Dinetopia’s appetiser of Asian Ceviche of Baby Abalone on Bed of Glass Vermicelli, Ginger Flower, Green Shiso Leaf & Hot Thai Green Tea with Lime Peel. The abalone has a chewy texture and the noodles have a little heat to it because of red chillies.

Soup: Chicken Yakhni Soup

Photo: KL Foodie

This hearty bowl of chicken soup is super yummy! There are some asparagus stalks in the soup that add some crunch, contrasting the soft and tender chicken pieces. Also, there are tiny tubes of coriander oil and chilli oil that you can add to your soup for some added depth of flavour. Being an immersive dining experience, your eyes are working to cover stunning visuals while your palate is also busy savouring delicious food!

Main Course Option 1: Pan Seared Black Angus Rib Eye

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

Local flowers and green grass visuals fill the table and set the scene for a trip down memory lane. This is because the four walls of the dining room reflect tiny kampung-style huts accompanied with tall coconut trees. Sounds familiar? You immediately know that you’re set in the charm of a Malay kampung. For the main course, guests may choose between beef or salmon. But without a doubt, both proteins are so delicious! The Pan Seared Black Angus Rib Eye comes with Spicy Coconut Cream, Local Black Rice, Pickle Mustard Seeds & Sauteed Shrimp Paste Local Vegetables.

Main Course Option 2: Seared Atlantic Salmon

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

As for seafood lovers, opt for the salmon and you wont’ be disappointed. Seared to perfection, this dish is not only delicious but it will definitely remind you of nostalgic Malay home-cooked flavours. The Seared Atlantic Salmon comes with Foam Spicy Coconut Cream, Local Black Rice & Sauteed Shrimp Paste Local Vegetables. Similar to the beef option, these two dishes marry together Malay-style flavours harmoniously with local cooking tastes and techniques!

Dessert: Mango Panna Cotta

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

If we had to pick the most visually stunning dish, it would be the dessert course of Mango Panna Cotta. Accompanied with Chinese visual elements, you will be amazed with this dessert and the visuals surrounding it because it is indeed a perfect way to end your meal. Look around the dining room and you’ll realise that you are in an underwater Chinese sea-themed environment. It gets better…look down on your table and don’t be surprised to find fishes swimming around! The Mango Panna Cotta comes with Sago Pearls and Tuille, with an addition of berry compote and a sunset yellow Cape gooseberry! Doesn’t it look absolutely amazing? Almost too pretty to eat, really. 


Enjoy Cool Weather And A Lovely Afternoon Tea At Fairy Tales Cafe In Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

Photo: KL Foodie

Now, onto more good news. If you are more keen on enjoying the cool weather up in Genting Highlands and sipping on some hot tea, Fairy Tales Cafe is the perfect place for you! Their cafe is ideally perfect for ladies because of its flowery exterior and pink-colored decorations.

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

But, with a romantic vibe like this at the cafe, who’s to say it’s not the perfect place for a lovely date? It is definitely a go-to place for a couple to indulge themselves or even, just for a couple of best friends to bond and enjoy afternoon tea together!

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers…And Fairy Wings At Fairy Tales Cafe

Photo: @shuutravels (Instagram)

Fairy Tales Cafe located in Grand Ion Delemen Hotel has a flower wall that is super gorgeous! The wall is covered with red, pink, and white roses that makes the whole area completely romantic. It’s a perfect backdrop for an insta-worthy shot that’ll level up your gram’.

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel (Facebook)

There are plenty of spots where you can take killer photographs for your gram’ as well. Plus, the cafe also provides props that you can use to create some amazing photos with your loved ones. It’ll definitely be a scrumptious and dainty tea session with your pals!

Photo: @dongdongcys (Instagram)dai

Romantic Vibes And Lovely Afternoon Tea For A Great Time At Fairy Tales Cafe

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

Fairy Tales Cafe has three Afternoon Tea sets that you can choose from. View the full menu here. Each set is for two pax and it costs RM114 only! Choose between Sweet, Savouries, or Sweet & Savouries Afternoon Tea sets. Have your pick and then indulge yourself with incredible-looking pastries and sandwiches because their Afternoon Tea sets look good and taste yummy too!

Photo: KL Foodie

Their Savouries Afternoon Tea set comes with a selection of quiches, sandwiches, bruschetta, and puffs. And with a pot of hot tea for two, it’ll fill you right up while you enjoy the cooling weather Genting has to offer! If you have more of a sweet tooth, the Sweet Afternoon Tea set is perfect for you. It comes with a selection of macaroons, pavlovas, cakes, mini tarts as well as freshly baked scones!

Photo: KL Foodie

Dinetopia Opening Promotion: Get 2nd Pax At 50% Off Until 15 December 2019

Photo: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel (Facebook)

Opening Promotion Details:

  • Original price: RM399 nett per pax (min 7 years old)
  • Get 2nd pax at 50% off
  • Valid till 15 December 2019
  • Booking link
  • Key in [2ND50] to enjoy opening promo and collect 888 AirAsia BIG Points

Wait no more, head up to Grand Ion Delemen Hotel in Genting Highlands to experience something different from your usual dinners! Dinetopia is now officially open and is taking reservations. For more information, see here. And, don’t forget to pay a visit to Fairy Tales Cafe for lovely afternoon tea and even more lovely Insta-worthy shots for your gram’.

Dinetopia @ Grand Ion Delemen Hotel [Muslim-Friendly]

Contact number: 03-6433 2200

Address: Level 9, Tower 7, 1, Jalan Ion Delemen, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

Lunch: Daily; 1230PM – 145PM

Dinner: Daily; 545PM – 7PM, 715PM – 830PM, 845PM – 10PM

Fairy Tales Cafe @ Grand Ion Delemen Hotel [Muslim-Friendly]

Contact number: 03-6433 2200

Address: Level 7, Sky Garden, 1, Jalan Ion Delemen, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

Operating hours: Daily; 1PM – 11PM

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