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KFC Launches Kepci Combo Plan With 3 Months Validity & Free Delivery For A Limited Time Only

Have A Blessed Ramadhan


  • KFC Malaysia launches new Kepci Combo Plan just in time for Ramadhan.
  • The Kepci Combo Plan consists of (x5) 2pc Combo for RM59 only.
  • T&C apply: 3 months validity, redeem any day, and free delivery.

Hello, foodies! The new normal – staying home and staying safe, has proven that we all sometimes depend on food delivery one way or another. It’s a bonus we are grateful for when it’s free delivery too. Well, KFC Malaysia is the latest fast-food eatery offering free delivery for their new Kepci Combo Plan!

KFCStart Off Your Ramadhan With KFC’s New Kepci Combo Plan To Enjoy Delicious Fried Chicken

Photo: @kfcmalaysia (Instagram)

Have you been craving for delicious fried chicken? You’re in luck because with KFC’s new Kepci Combo Plan, you will get to enjoy their crunchy fried chicken at any time you like! Having launched in conjunction with the upcoming Ramadhan season, you should definitely get your hands on this combo right now. Head to to find out how you can purchase this promo!

Photo: KFC Malaysia (Website)

Aside from offering free delivery, we’re not even at the best bit yet. Here’s more good news: the Kepci Combo Plan will have a 3-month validity period and you can redeem it on any day. Also, if you think that the (x5) 2pc combo isn’t enough, fret not because each user is entitled to a maximum of (3) sets of plans. And with that, it’s more than enough to feed an entire family during Ramadhan!

Here’s How You Can Buy The Kepci Combo Plan:

Step 1: Open KFC App or visit

Stop 2: Log onto your KFC account

Step 3: Search for “Kepci Combo Plan”

Step 4: Click ‘Buy Now’ to complete payment

Step 5: Check your email to receive (x5) Kepci Combo Plan coupons

Photo: KFC Malaysia (Website)

KFC Malaysia Has Other Amazing Promotions Too

Photo: KFC Malaysia (Website)

We all know that we can count on KFC to serve delicious food but, we can also trust them to have the best of deals. If you are interested in other promotions, do check out their website for more amazing deals! There is something for everyone, and guess what – some of these deals offer FREEDELIVERY, so make sure you key in the promo code at checkout to save a few bucks.

Photo: KFC Malaysia (Website)

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