KFC Malaysia Goes Off The Beaten Path By Introducing All-New White BBQ Crunch

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We’ve welcomed another decade and while some things may have changed, our love for fried chicken remains the same. And one fried chicken joint that’s always been around is KFC. Over the years, there are many new fried chicken outlets partaking in the food scene. Some have gone with the wind but there are also some that made a mark in our hearts. So, today, we’re here to let you guys know that KFC Malaysia is introducing a rather unique menu, White BBQ Crunch. Keep reading!

White BBQ Crunch-The Road Less Travelled By KFC

KFC is probably everyone’s very first favourite fried chicken joint before the inclusion of new joints such as 4 Fingers, KyoChon and many more. Like how they came into existence, KFC remains one of the long-standing and most-loved fried chicken joint among Malaysians.

Photo: @KFCMalaysia

Without a doubt, we have all witnessed KFC’s ever-evolving menu such as the latest comeback of Hot & Cheezy, Sawadee Crunch, Green Chilli and more. This time around, they are introducing White BBQ Crunch for all fried-chicken lovers.

KFC White BBQ Crunch
Photo: @KFCMalaysia (Facebook)

The all-new White BBQ Crunch may have your eyebrows raising but hey, it’s a new year so trying out new things is the way to go right? Essentially, this new flavour consists of our favourite fried chicken glazed with hot sauce and then drizzled with white BBQ sauce. Now that we know more about it, it seems pretty legit.

KFC White BBQ Crunch

In addition to that, there’s also a snacker box whereby you’ll get (1) pc of White BBQ Crunch, a Zinger Burger, Fries, Coleslaw, and a drink, priced from RM20.30. So, this way, you’ll get to try a bit of everything before deciding if you’re in it for the long haul.

KFC White BBQ Crunch
Photo: @KFCMalaysia (Facebook)

So, guys, this new menu is already available in your nearest KFC outlet. Oh, and if you’re still deciding what’s for dinner tonight, then head over KFC! Give the all-new White BBQ Crunch a go! Also, dare we say, kudos to KFC for going off the beaten path and trying out something so different this time.

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